Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: A Healthier Alternative to Cigarettes

Posted by AxelPrice on November 8th, 2013

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered inhalators that contain liquid nicotine sans the dangerous chemicals that, along with nicotine, are the main ingredients of regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes are burgeoning in popularity and many regular smokers are making it a conscious choice of them. Smokers find it convenient as they can smoke the tobacco-free cigarettes virtually anywhere. Apart from the fact that these electronic cigarettes are better and healthier alternatives to the traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette starter kit products have also become popular because of the convenience factor. People, who are pretty serious about quitting smoking, intend to reduce nicotine intake by smoking these electronic alternatives. These are available in wide range of flavours and the smokers are encouraged this way to quit their deadly habit. The starter kits usually contain accessories and are easy to carry as well. There are electronic cigarettes UK manufacturers who sell these healthy alternatives of cigarette online.

What is a starter kit?

For people who are not quite familiar with the idea of electronic cigarettes but are looking for an alternative that could effectively satiate their constant urge to smoke, these kits are highly helpful. This is because a kit of this type contains everything that one will need to use the e-cigarettes, and not just the receptacle for the liquid solution, which actually simulates the act of smoking. A standard starter kit usually includes the following:

• One atomiser (customer can choose the colour): This part heats up the liquid solution inside to convert it into mist
• 650 mah battery: Required for charging the unit
• Liquid solution available in different flavours and strengths (equivalent to tobacco content)
• USB charger
• Mouthpiece: The cartridge that looks like a cigarette

When the smoker (user) breathes in, the mist is formed from the liquid. As the users actually smoke the vapour, the act of smoking e-cigarettes is also called ‘vaping’. These electronic cigarettes are easy to refill and you can find the liquid with the manufacturer of the e- electronic cigarette starter kit. For people smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day, this kit is certainly a more economical alternative.

Benefits of electronic cigarettes

There are myriad benefits of choosing the electronic alternatives over their traditional counterparts. These benefits are:

• No smoke, ash or smoky odour
• Contains no toxins, tar and tobacco
• Passive smoking ill effects not reached to family members
• You can smoke it indoors as well
• More cost-efficient compared to regular cigarettes
• E-liquid flavours also available
• Nicotine intake can be reduced gradually
• No possibility of damaging or staining teeth

E-cigarettes – the futuristic alternative of cigarettes

Smoking is the greatest cause of premature death and several cardiovascular and other sorts of diseases in the UK. The more alarming fact is that 200,000 kids who are aged between 11- 15 get addicted to smoking in the UK each year. At present, there are over 10 million adults in the UK who smoke cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes UK manufacturers and retailers do their best to spread awareness among people about the ill effects of e-cigarettes. Though these effects are now an open secret, smoking was not a social taboo until only a few years back. Fortunately, people have started to learn from the lives and sufferings of fellow citizens and these electronic cigarettes are gradually replacing the tobacco-contained cigarettes.

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