Things That You Did Know about Elite Escorts in the UK

Posted by sophiamilller on November 10th, 2013

 In the UK, offering escort services is nothing illegal except for the fact that pimping and other related activities are considered crime. The professional escort agencies that offer the services of elite escorts maintain, therefore, a high level of privacy and take all possible measures to protect the discreet nature of the services offered. These escorts hail from high society and they are equally concerned about their social status as their clients are. This way, both the parties are safeguarded against possible legal liabilities and the clients can enjoy the services of the escorts to the best possible extent. One can find almost all sorts of escorts working with the premier escort agencies including Eastern European escorts. However, there are some things that the male clients ought to know about the escorts they take services from but unfortunately, most of them are not aware of these facts. Here is what most men do not know about escorts, especially about those working within UK escort industry.

More people take escort services than you think

Paid accompaniment services are more popular than you might think. It has been estimated that annually 12 million men pay for escort services in London alone. This data has been derived from the website usage statistics of different escort agencies and it goes without saying that it does not reflect the whole picture. There are many men who do not want to disclose their discreet relationships to surveyors.

Escorts are rated based on their quality of services

Though the very idea of paying girls for accompaniment and other services might seem licentious to many, the escort agency websites flooded with user reviews (both negative and positive) only show that taking escort services is no more a social taboo. The elite escorts, who cater to the privileged few of the society, have taken the trend further. Now-a-days, you can find client testimonials featuring in the escort agency websites. On the other hand, there are escort review websites where you can find more about how the clients of the escorts think about them.

Escorts are ready to accompany their clients to places

Contrary to many men’s belief that escorts can only be met at discreet locations like hotels or brothels, the ‘escorted city tour’ culture has become prevalent across Western Europe in recent times. Fun-loving adult women, in this day and age of companionship-positive feminism, have decided to break through barriers to earn more by offering professional services to male clients. Eastern European escorts also come to the UK and neighbouring countries to provide their services to the business travellers.

High-society escorts are usually very rich

If you have a false notion that escorts are here for earning bread and butter for their families, you are completely wrong. Elite society escorts in the UK are from very rich families and some of them are highly educated as well. Do not get surprised if an escort shows in-depth knowledge in politics and current affairs.

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