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Posted by Johny Dean on November 12th, 2013

Forensic psychologists Exeter provide their services to clinical and legal populations and their techniques mostly focus on evaluating and treating mental disorders or providing reports and expert testimony in courts. The job of clinical psychologists Exeter also involves running investigations and providing expert witness services to Family, Civil and Criminal courts, as well as understanding the causes of a number of psychological disorders.

What started as a new branch of study, with few theoretical foundations around 50 years ago, has now become a whole independent field that is situated in the middle point between psychology and the law. It is called forensic psychology and, because of popular TV shows and films, many people think that it only has to do with studying criminal behavior and profiling. But this is just one little part of what forensic psychologists actually do.

The practices of forensic psychology differ in many ways from other traditional psychology areas. Professionals that work in this area don’t have to deal only with criminals and offenders. They may also interact and treat the victims and they use their expertise to cooperate with other professionals involved in the judicial system to prevent and treat criminal behavior. They also deal with applied research, organizational consultancy and delivering training programs.

There are three areas that require the specialized knowledge of forensic psychologists Exeter. First of all, it is the clinical area of psychology. As a specialist in this field, you have to know how to put a correct diagnosis, how to interfere and predict a particular behavior and how to treat a mental disorder. Furthermore, another area that requires the practice of forensic psychology is the legal area. A forensic psychologist must know the law and how to apply it because he may also work with penalties and charges. Of course, the forensic area is the most obvious one, as the psychologist who works in this field has to possess the techniques for assessing symptoms and the capacities to respond to legal issues.

As a company, you may require the help of a team of forensic or clinical psychologists Exeter if you want to perform an investigation. They strive to find the roots of a problem and not to put the blame on someone in particular. And this is the first step to correct an unhealthy behavior. Once you identify the cause, you can build a plan to correct what is wrong. Magester Services is a team of highly-specialized clinical psychologists Exeter that can assist you in managing psychological disorders, running a confidential investigation or representing you in the court for eye witnessing services regarding criminal charges.

To contact the team of forensic psychologists Exeter, you can either send them an email or fill out the enquiry form that is available on their web page. Don’t forget that the aim of the team of clinical psychologists Exeter from Magester Services is to understand the causes of psychological disorders such as: sexual offending, violence, personality disorders or substance misuse.

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