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Posted by maryparker on November 13th, 2013

Planning to visit London this year? Besides learning about the most important touristic attractions, pay attention to other things that you need to know in order to enjoy your vacation better. And an example of such things that any foreign or non-Londoner traveller should know is related to getting a London airport taxi.

In London, finding a taxi to take you to your hotel or residence is pretty difficult, since most taxi companies that activate around London airports have their cabs already booked. In other words, most taxis that you can see near an airport are already contracted and wait for their client to arrive.

If you do not like to search for an available taxi, because this could take you some time, and do not want to share the travel experience to your hotel or residence with lots of other people on a crowded bus, it is recommended to book a London airport taxi, just like most of those who travel to London do.

Taxi companies that provide airport transfers usually send their professional chauffeurs to wait for their clients in the arrival hall. Drivers display their client’s name on a name board, offering a courteous meet and greet service. Then, the driver asks the client to follow him to the taxi.

However, not all taxi companies provide meet and greet service at airports. Some of them let their clients find their chauffeurs somewhere outside the airport. Obviously, for someone who has never travelled to London, whether he is a foreigner or British citizen, this is quite challenging.

As a first timer, you need to be very calm, because the stir that surrounds any London airport could disturb you. Go towards the exit of the airport and prepare your phrases that you would use to avoid the services of other taxi companies. Around airports, there are many taxi drivers who offer their services.

If you have already booked your taxi, be respectful with other drivers trying to attract you to use their services instead. Thank them in English and tell them you live in London. Avoid telling them that you already have a cab that waits for you. This could only make them compete for your money even more.

After finding your taxi in the multitude of cars that surround a London airport, make sure to note the cab number. This would help you and the taxi company representatives, in case you forget something in the cab. Still, the best recommendation here would be to be very careful with your things and try not to lose anything.

Take into account that airport transfers require local currency, so prepare your pounds to pay for the taxi ride. Taxi drivers are skilled at many things, but they cannot transform your currency into GBP, so make sure you have the right money before getting into a cab in London. You can exchange money near any airport.

If you do not like to travel with money on you, just with debit or credit cards, be certain that your card can be used internationally. Some cards do not allow currency conversions, so you may face the difficulty of paying for your taxi ride, if you have nothing but your card on you.

Looking for a reliable taxi company that could provide you with fast and safe airport transfers? We specialise in passenger transfers to and from UK airports, delivering great travel experiences. Whether you plan to travel for business or pleasure, we guarantee that your London airport taxi would offer you the best ride to your destination.

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