Why is Sterling Silver the Best Material for Men?s Jewellery?

Posted by Robin on November 16th, 2013

Men do not have as many options as women when it comes to jewellery. Gold is a good option, but sterling silver is even better. There are several reasons for this.

Sterling silver is a good option for men’s jewellery because it has a neutral hue. Many men do not want jewellery that “screams.” Just like grey is the neutral colour in clothing, silver is the neutral colour in jewellery.

Men are not known to own jewellery boxes full of bracelets, chains and other jewellery pieces. Thanks to the neutral hue of sterling silver, men can wear silver accessories with most of their clothes. Silver goes with everything, including other types of jewellery.

Given that men do not have many jewellery pieces, sterling silver jewellery UK is the best option since it lasts. Silver does not corrode, it is hard and not easily dented, and it does not fade easily. This means they can wear their silver jewellery for a long time without having to incur the cost of replacing it.

Caring for sterling silver is very easy. Many men do not have the time or the skills to care for jewellery. All you have to do to keep your sterling silver jewellery tarnish free is invest in silver jewellery polishing cloth and kit.

Mens silver bracelets, chains and other jewellery pieces are advantageous in that although silver is the most brilliant metal, it is more affordable than platinum and gold, the other popular precious metals in the jewellery world. The price of silver is a fraction of that of gold. The low price is because silver is more readily available. The fact that silver is still a precious metal means you will get the same prestige as you would with gold or platinum jewellery.

Sterling silver jewellery is readily available and this means that there are many styles and designs for you to choose from. The metal is easy to work with, meaning artists have freedom of creativity and sterling silver jewels can have the most intricate designs. The availability of sterling silver jewellery means you are more likely to find something unique and that suits your particular needs and preferences.

Another reason to buy mens silver chains and other jewellery pieces is that sterling silver jewellery makes for great gifts. Getting the perfect gift for your father, husband, brother, or son is difficult, but you will never go wrong with silver.


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