Latest method to make Biomass Briquettes

Posted by Deepi on November 18th, 2013

Every day, many of the developing countries produce huge quantities green waste or industrial waste but they are used inefficiently causing extensive pollution to the environment. The major green residues are rice husk, groundnut shells, tea husk, cotton salk, saw dust, bagasse and so on. Briquettes are produced from green waste are best substitute for coal, lignite, gas and firewood.  Biomass briquetting plant technology totally replaces the fossil fuels and pelletizing system due to its Eco friendly and economical features.

Biomass briquettes are known as white coal.  It  is  a  biomass  in  condensed  form  with  increased  volumetric  calorific  value. Briquettes are widely used in all thermal applications. Agro wastes in briquette form earn a value addition of minimum 150%.

Briquette industry is considered as renewable energy products. For briquetting plant many state government provide 25 to 30 % subsidy and sales tax exemption.  Central government has provided a relief on income tax for first five years and excise duty forever. Pollution control board permission is not required for briquette industries. Briquette industry boosts rural economy and generates lot of rural employment.

Today, many people want to set up their own briquetting plant to earn revenue from wasted material. Sufficient land, power and managerial capabilities are a prerequisite for setting up these units. There are number of briquetting machine manufacturer who makes briquetting machine as per customer’s requirement. In the market, supreme quality briquetting machine are available which can make briquettes in efficient manner.

Briquettes are used in various industries like,

1.Rubber industry  2.Ceramic mill  3.Leather industry  4.Food processing unit  5.Paper mill  6.Gasifiers  7.Power plants  8.Brick kilns  9.Dying units  10.Industry  11.pharmaceutical industries 12. House holds boilers.

The fact that the production of briquettes quadrupled from 1964 to 1969 in Japan speaks for the success of this technology. This technology should be differentiated from such processes as the ‘Prest-o-log’ technology of the United States, the ‘Glomera’ method in Switzerland and the ‘Compress’ method in West Germany.

From my research I can conclude that briquetting machine project is the best project for world’s better future. From this project we can earn money and make the environment greener which is most important. We must use our natural resources and save energy from this. Briquetting plant is the renewable source of energy and now it is in high demand. In India, the conversion cost of biomass to briquette is affordable, So many people has started to set up the briquetting plant.

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