Chinese People like to Celebrate Christmas Festival

Posted by 7efashion on November 19th, 2013

The best example of eating apples on Christmas Eve is the symbol that Mainland China accepted foreign holiday. “Apple”means safety for Chinese.

Mainland of China celebrated Christmas this year, features more intense.

Beijing Foreign Studies University, Wu Kang group in the past few years would send some small gifts to children during the Christmas, but this year the gifts she chosen are a bit special, they are Santa Claus wearing Chinese brocade. And some people like to wear Korean fashion clothing and Japanese fashion clothing of Christmas style.

"I think it is more interesting to put Chinese and West things together," she said, "This Christmas, I found a lot of this kind of gifts in stores."

In sina microblogging, as a holiday entertainment, someone produced a long 35 seconds when the comedy show will be Christmas music "Jingle Bells (Jingle Bells)" to sing opera the way out of this program on the site this month which has got a lot reserved.

Weibo users are still favorable for a photo with Christmas tree in Chengdu in Sichuan. In the photo, Christmas tree is against a dice, and covered with tiles and Chinese lanterns. Chengdu people are known to love to play mahjong.

Not long ago, the first time in Beijing Qianmen Street put up a giant Christmas tree. Qianmen Street is located outside the Forbidden City Qing Dynasty, on behalf of the business and people's daily lives. Christmas tree still standing a few fans around the golden door, gold represents royalty, couplets written on both sides of the door.

Similar scenes in other major cities can also be seen.. Some dragon lanterns which are made into the huge waves on the shuttle were lit up the Nanjing Deji Plaza. If it were not because the dragon who says "Merry Christmas" message, one might mistakenly think that this is a celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year

In Shandong Zibo, an imitation of the ancient downtown tourist spot, when people buy Christmas decorations, the Chinese traditional decorations sold very hot.

An owner of the agency, said: "A young man bought a big Christmas stocking, and chosed a bracelet and put it inside to the stocking and give it to his girlfriend."

As always, people will go to the West restaurant during the Christmas holiday for dinner, but this year people seem more willing to eat Chinese food.

In the mainland's most popular Tianya forum, chat room, someone asked why Christmas would become a Chinese festival. Although some people think there is no reason to celebrate Christmas, because China lacks the Christian culture, but most people said, Christmas for everyone to provide a fun opportunity.

Christmas products are popular in China’s shops, rather than the church

China has about 70 million Christians, but they are reason for that Christmas trees are everywhere on the streets of Beijing, the store "Jingle Bells" sing the hook obviously.

Peking University sociology professor Xia Xueluan said that in this country which everyone loves to consume, Christmas is just a festival for young fashion people and businessman.

Christmas is irrelevant to Chinese culture, Christmas tree outside the shops, reindeer and snowflakes in the window, white-bearded Santa Claus, all this is exotic.

However, these decorations outside the stores were very effective. Guangdong University of Business Sales Specialist Xianqing said December sales of large shopping malls and supermarkets rose usual 15-30%.

QU Yi (sound) is a high school drawing teacher. One afternoon this week, she took her five-year-old son to an upscale shopping mall for family and friends to buy gifts wantonly.

Ms. Qu attached over several Christmas. She said: "Because this is the fashion festival, the world's people are celebrating it." This year's Christmas Eve, she plans with her husband and friends to a restaurant for dinner, then go to sing karaoke OK. Many Chinese cities where young people like to do this.

Ms. Qu explained, people exchange gifts during the Christmas season, which "is a good opportunity to promote feelings with family and friends ". Therefore, many young people or family like to wholesale Asian clothing and little gifts of Christmas style online because of the low prices and special Chinese style. 

Buy gifts of Christmas style online so that they can celebrate it happily with low costs.


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