Why there is such a thing called online therapy - Thereís a Definite Need for it

Posted by londoner on September 10th, 2020

Online Therapy has many names. It’s also known as e-therapy, cyber counseling, or e-counseling. This phenomenal approach involves therapists providing psychological guidance and support through the worldwide web. Various methods include online chat, e-mails, or video conference (Skype).

How the System Works
This methodology is not the same as psychotherapy which calls for personal interaction on a regular basis to help individuals surmount problems and change for the better. Internet coaching is not meant to take the place of conventional therapies.

Web-based therapists have similar functions with life coaches although they are not capable of detecting or treating mental disorders. These counselors can only give advice to persons with issues at work, personal life or relationships. Of course, the new technique has some drawbacks but it e-therapy is fast emerging as an effective resource for many people. Yet, more research is needed with regards to its efficacy.

Value of Online Therapy
Remote therapy is beneficial in many ways to the following people:

  • Those who live in distant communities with few or practically no access to mental wellbeing–related services.
  • Those who are not fit to travel.
  • Those with hectic routines that prevent frequent consultations with counselors.
  • Those who are afflicted with psychological misfortunes and are afraid of meeting unfamiliar persons.
  • Those currently suffering from mental disturbances.

Online coaching has the factor of secrecy which makes it a convenient option. Patients remain anonymous. They avoid embarrassment because there is no face to face confrontation between them and therapists. People have the tendency to behave differently online. It’s much easier for them to disclose personal and intimate matters freely.

Unlike in a physical clinic where there are other persons present, the patient is alone in a room with only the computer or laptop, headset and the voice of the counselor. In most cases, all he or she needs to do is chat or send emails. There is no apprehension in discussing sensitive issues like sexual exploitation, malignant diseases, and suicidal tendencies, and other serious problems. On the contrary, the client is highly motivated to discuss everything without inhibitions.

It’s not difficult to contact online therapists nowadays. You can always send them emails ahead of time and arrange for a chat conversation or video conferencing. In fact, it’s a faster process compared to arranging appointments with psychiatrists or therapists in real life.

Online therapists have the expertise to provide expert advice which is the most important thing. Besides, there are no geographical borders so you can reach out to anyone who provides this service anywhere in the world. You may be in the United States of America but it’s easy to get in touch with an e-counselor who lives in Asia and vice-versa. Likewise, Internet therapy is generally cheaper than traditional counseling.

The bottom line is Internet therapy may be as effective as real-time counseling if both coaches and clients are able to build responsive as well as harmonious relationships.

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