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Posted by vijayvinson on November 19th, 2013

Because fire bricks have a high melting point, they are usually used in manufacturing heat resistant applications, such as fire places, different types of ovens, stoves and other such items. Such bricks are made out of fire clay and they can be purchased nowadays in several colours and different sizes. People desiring to make their own ovens or other such equipment, are in need of bricks and even a vermiculite board. The board is also fireproof and has insulating properties. Those activating in the ceramics industry make great use of such boards.

Just as the vermiculite board is highly useful in making shelves for kilns, so are fire bricks. The kiln can be entirely made out of the bricks or just the interior layer, where the highest degree of heat is. There are actually several types of fire resistant bricks, including the bricks with a high content of alumina, able to withstand high temperature, and the soft bricks, usually used for insulating the kiln door. Many people these days still prefer to build up their kilns and they require the purchase of materials, according to how large and durable should the kiln turn out to be.

Another popular use for the fire bricks includes fireplaces. The bricks are needed the most for interior of the fire box, in order to protect the surrounding walls against damage caused by heat. There is alumina content recommended for such a particular case and specialists say that 18-20% is just about right. As a matter a fact, this is an important aspect to keep count of when buying bricks. People need to pay attention to technical specifications, not just to the number of bricks they require and the colour they would like. Usually, providers, shops, or websites, specify exactly within the product description for what each brick can be used.

Pizza ovens are wood fired ovens and they are highly used in restaurants and pizza places. In this case, the fire bricks are used not just for the inner construction, but also for the dome. The bricks have the ability to reach a high temperature in a fast time, but they are able to cool down in a short duration of time. By using bricks, pizza ovens, bread ovens and other such constructions last longer and they can easily withstand the high temperatures. Moreover, the bricks have an extensive use as liners (industrial or small furnaces) and insulators. Refractory bricks have several benefits that make them so highly used, being able to protect the exterior of the furnace from reaching excess heat.

The vermiculite board is also used in insulation and people can take advantage of the convenience of buying the needed materials to build their own items. There are no difficulties nowadays in finding specialised shops, as there are already a high number of websites that offer bricks and boards for any purpose. Payment is done safely online and the shipping will be managed to the address you specify. It is that easy and you can always look up for guides and tutorials on how to get things done.

Are you looking forward to building your own oven or fireplace? Then you need solid fire bricks to satisfy your requests. For other purposes, you can make great use of the vermiculite board.

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