Clothing Elements at London and Milan Fashion Week

Posted by 7efashion on November 20th, 2013

Looking at the International T station, stripes, hollow, metallic luster, mixed material are collision integral elements of fashion knitted garments.

Knitted garments

Knitted garments because its raw materials and preparation methods are unique, it has comfortable, durable features. Along with the revival of sweater during the 21st century, its raw materials and preparation methods of continuous innovation, to make it look undergone a tremendous change fromParistoMilan, fromTokyotoNew York, and there appears knitting clothing on the world's major fashion centers.

Material on collision

Knitted fabrics mixed with other fabrics, gives people an unexpected effect. Mixed fabric and detail make sweaters rejuvenated. Currently, the use of such elements knitted garments in the international market, sold very well.

Looking at 2012 ~ 2013 Autumn London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, not difficult to find fine jersey shirts and sweaters become main push models, the use of woven fabrics, leather or tulle as decorative moldings, collage effects and rich surface decoration, let vision becomes nervous and excited. Or using designed pictures on the sweater, the use of contrast color sleeves and ribbon decoration to break the whole tedious. Milan Fashion Week this year iceberg (Iceberg) 2012 autumn and winter women's show, military style knitted sweater with fur fur collar and metal buckle, lazy sexy show in the 1960s British singer Fan children.

Chanel, Prada, Chloe of every show, almost can find knitwear clothing, sweaters armed body is no exception, and jelly color is nowadays the hottest. Designer also designed a long coat and wool weaving waist knitted wool pants, mixed together can definitely have a strong momentum into the fashion Museum.

Japanese fashion clothing Stripe

Stripes, is undoubtedly the strongest vitality elements in the fashion world. Share a sense of unlimited extension, and overtly or covertly, or brilliant or vegetarian jumping between intervals as the countless possibilities and dramatic, making it full of seditious elements.

No matter hippie in the 1970s or even the 1990s, advocating minimalist is clamoring to enter the post-modern days, "color, stripes and knitting" are the features of missoni.

2012 ~ 2013 Winter London Fashion Week, Missoni knit is still the continuation of the colors combinations: Christmas red, orange, lemon yellow, blue, indigo, light green, light green, ivory and black. Iconic stripes: Wide Thin stripes, diagonal stripes, herringbone, electricity ripples.

Technology Review: coarse wool yarn dyeing process and appears as rich colorful section. Entire loose woolen robe mottled colors whirling, echoed with the knee dress patterns, increasing the overall mix of layering. Robe is soft and warm, embracing the early autumn breeze soft female.


This season, New York-born designer Wang Daren’s knitted stripe series garments in knitted fabric stitching combinations fuss, hollow element apply the finishing touch, a large area using contrast color stripe pattern so full of garments dramatic at the same time dynamic.

Usual succinct style andCashmereskilful use of fabric, makes this soft material to get rid of the impression that people in the "soft" is defined, demonstrating more handsome and sexy side. No matter the women or men could feel disdain for luxury living when they wear his design, as well as the good of their own paranoia.

British designer Craig Lawrence’s knitted fashion does have a unique sense of innovation. The use of hollow element makes women's body hidden, and feminine curves undoubtedly exposed, yet elegant. Thread the needle with the flat knitted fabrics knitted fabrics pavilions.


Metallic knitted garments, which are characterized by the using of cashmere, tweed, reflective cotton, silk velvet material compiled. Glossy metallic fabric is one of the key, for meeting this season's popular futuristic while doing choices.

In the spring of this year's London Fashion Week, knitted newcomer Craig - Lawrence (Craig Lawrence) learn from medieval armor in the sutras, transformed a metal chain concept into knitting evening dress.. He used a lot of metallic colors, gold, silver, iron rust color, bronze, these are the fashion colors of 2012 autumn and winter.

Fashion brands have also quickly capture the inspiration. The Spanish fashion brand Massimo Dutti and ZARA (microblogging) belong to the Inditex Group, the brand launched this summer, two metallic color sweater to get hit.

After London and Milan Fashion Week showing the fashion elements of clothes, there are many people try to make clothing with the similar elements. So if girls who love these elements of clothing, can wholesale cheap clothing online. If you want, you can find them online.

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