Stock Designs Have Changed the Face of Small-scale Embroidery Businesses

Posted by RaynaJess on November 20th, 2013

Machine embroidery has existed since the early days of Industrial Revolution and has always given a tough competition to handmade embroidery since its inception. However, with the advancement of computer technologies, even seasoned craftsmen have started using computer aided designs in their artworks. Stock designs, which are now widely available on the web, has changed the face of the industry. Now-a-days, budding entrepreneurs are choosing these designs to streamline the process of making custom-made garments. On the other hand, companies that want to imprint logos and holograms on t-shirts and other textile-based materials for branding purposes are increasingly falling for these stock artworks. Digitising the art of embroidery has not only augmented the production rate for the small companies that do not have large and resourceful manufacturing facilities, it has also revolutionised the entire business of embroidery.

The best part of using stock designs for making decorative holograms and other sorts of designs is that the craftsmen do not have to do the needlework all by themselves. They can just convey their design requirements to the computer based designs and get delivered with outstanding designs that are made either by permuting and combining stock artworks or by innovation. This has actually made it possible for the cottage industry players to concentrate in core business areas. This is a form of outsourcing that the small-scale business owners have embraced and adopted as a business strategy in large numbers.  

Many people are still doubtful about the delivery part of the business. A common misconception also exists that the designs are limited and all the required artworks cannot be found in one place together. Embroidery artists who are into digitising these artworks mitigate their concerns by exhibiting wealth of stock illustrations for embroidery on their websites. Their innovativeness, coupled with their extensive familiarity with the design software programs, makes it easier for them to produce stunning designs that the embroidery craftsmen just love. Downloading the PDF versions and taking a closer look at the designs is free. As the designs are intellectual properties of the original artists, the embroidery craftsmen (the buyers) need to pay a price for buying these designs (or the concepts). However, they can suggest and upload their own designs and the same design can be imprinted on all the bags/garments/clothing materials purchased in bulk. Adding personal flair is always a good idea.

While buying designs online is certainly a good idea and it saves a lot of time and effort, it is advisable for the craftsmen to develop a practice of making their own designs. Most publishers and sellers of stock designs allow their buyers to upload their own designs and they just do the crocheting part of the job. You can certainly save on manufacturing cost on bulk purchase? But if you are a creative designer yourself, why pay for a design created by someone else?

Using the internet extensively is a great way to get the best designs for needlework. You can get the designs delivered to you for previewing via email.

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