Tips for Construction Company Owners: Job Postings and Interviews

Posted by hiringhelper on November 20th, 2013

The recent growth of the construction industry has paved the way for companies to hire more employees. In order to find the right candidate to fill the numerous available jobs, it is best to make sure that the interviewer is professional and treats the interviewee well, among other things. An interview is just as much a chance for the candidate to vet the company as it is for the company to vet the candidate.

Here are several tips for construction company owners to consider when hiring a new employee, whether that person is a skilled tradesman or a project manager.


Post A Detailed Job Listing:

When searching for candidates, make sure to post a job listing that explains the exact job requirements and your expectations for the new hire. If you misrepresent the position or if the applicant is unclear of what you require in a new employee, neither party will find what they need.

For example, if you are hiring a construction cost estimator, you may want to include what type of estimator your construction company requires and what type of project your company executes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are two types of cost estimators: construction and manufacturing. Construction estimators tend to estimate direct costs for things such as materials or labor, while manufacturing estimators deal with the costs of a company’s goods or services, with some even working in software development. Make sure to be as specific and detailed as possible.

Include information such as responsibilities and daily tasks to ensure only qualified individuals apply for your job opening.


Make Them Feel Welcome:

Most candidates are nervous and anxious during an interview. Welcoming them warmly can go a long way and will help both sides communicate well during the interview. Thank them for coming in and reaffirm your interest in their skills.

It would also help to lie out the process for the candidate so they have a good idea of what to expect. If you plan on asking them to solve problems to test analytical skills or demonstrate software proficiency, make sure to mention that in the beginning. Having prior knowledge can help interviewees feel more at ease.


Ask The Right Questions:

Finding the right candidate will require asking the right questions. Interview questions generally fall into two categories: broad and specific.

Broad questions are very open-ended and generally have no real correct answer. They are a way to get a more creative response out of a candidate. Some broad questions, like how a construction manager would react to a problem involving an engineer or an architect, are asked to see how the interviewee would think on their feet. It also is a good way to hear about the candidate’s past work experiences.

Specific questions are geared for certain answers. For construction cost estimators, you want to qualify their specific software estimating and takeoff experience and problem solving strategies involving project plans and takeoff methods. Go back to point one and make sure that the job listing has all the relevant information about the position. If not, then some of your questions might be met with confusion.

It is best to have a balance of broad and specific questions in order to get a well-rounded understanding of your applicant.


Be Professional:

You are being interviewed as well. The applicant is looking to see if you and your construction company are a suitable place for their skills. If they do not see that or if they have doubts that your company is the right place to work, the applicant will walk away from the job. It is a mistake to assume that interviewers have all the power.

Remember, if you are bringing in a candidate for an interview, then your company needs them as much as they need you. Providing candidates with all the necessary information, as well as treating them with professionalism, will go a long way in the hiring process.

While there are expected to be many available construction jobs in the next few years, it is best for a construction company owner to show potential employees proper respect before, during, and after the interview. Follow up even with unsuccessful candidates; it will help their confidence as well as boost a positive company moral. Treating employees well, both potential and current, will help your company succeed in the long run.


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