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How to Scale Your Singapore Business in 4 Methods

Posted by cherylcocolee on September 10th, 2020

When you start a business, your ultimate goal is to build it into a thriving company that makes millions of dollars every year – right? But the key problem most entrepreneurs face is getting their business to generate the first 0,000. It is easy to start a business, but turning that business into a successful venture is another story. The reason most entrepreneurs fail to grow their business is that they do not understand that entrepreneurship is a process. A process is a series of actions that align together to produce an end result. As a business owner, your sole focus should be on perfecting the growth process. If not, your business will never be able to establish a strong foundation.

You will find that most entrepreneurs focus on maintaining, rather than growing. They want to make just enough to cover the operating costs and have a little money left to put into their personal bank account. This type of mind-set stifles growth because it makes you avoid taking risks and forgo taking on challenges that pull you out of your comfort zone. But the only way your business will grow is by you stretching yourself beyond the confines of mediocrity.

We have put together 4 steps that will help you scale your business and grow your venture beyond its current operations.

1) Make growth the goal

You would be surprised to learn how many people are just “okay” with having a business, even if that business is not considered successful. It is as if being called an “entrepreneur” is enough for them. For these individuals, there is no plan in place to build a business that works for them. If you constantly find yourself in a desperate search for new customers to make ends meet every month, your business is not set up for success. In this scenario, your business will fail sooner than later if you do not get your act together.

For some reason, a lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to grow. This is probably because growth requires you to be more aggressive in marketing and sales tactics. This means actively promoting your services to everyone you meet and raising your prices. These are two things most entrepreneurs shy away from because they don’t want to come off as pushy or greedy. But no one will know your business exists if you are not advertising it every chance you get. And you cannot pay your business expenses or living expenses if you are losing money operating your business.

You must create a plan of action that focuses on a strategy that promotes business growth. If you do not make the idea of growth an obsession, you will remain content with just getting by. This is why you must set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. By doing this, it will help you remain persistent in taking your business to a new level. Once you make your first 0,000, you will want to make another 0,000, and then ,000,000. You want to keep striving for the best. As such, you will never allow mediocrity to take root in your business. Because when this occurs, you are only one step away from failure.

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