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Posted by vijayvinson on November 22nd, 2013

Developing countries around the world are now provided with a new report on improving land governance and ensuring mutual beneficial investors’ deals. If you’re interested in prosperity administration you should learn more about revolutionizing productivity opportunities.

The new report on prosperity advisers administration reveals the cause of poverty and economical struggles and stagnation in African countries. This very useful and well documented bank report shows how poor land governance may lead to poor economical development in countries provided with abundant agricultural land and great natural resources, which are not correspondingly administered and exploited.

By following some steps accurately presented in cogent writing on the topic of prosperity advisers administration, specialists promise to put an end to poverty in African countries. Economical reform is guaranteed when prosperity administration is properly implemented and managed by highly qualified and well documented experts, supported by international communities.   

For those interested in African development, natural resource management or global studies on land, this new bank report is extremely important and valuable. The study points out how intelligently organized prosperity administration can generate growth and continuous progress.

The flaws in the way land rights are defined and administered seem to be the main cause for African continent having the highest poverty rate in the world. Getting informed on prosperity advisers administration reveals just how essential it is to improve land governance in order to reduce dispossessing poor land owners.

Comprehensive policy reforms must be first of all accepted and implemented by African governments, but the participation of numerous players, such as the civil society, the private sector, development partners and international organizations is quite crucial for ensuring an ultimate success.

As this important world bank report shows, the basis for sound land administration can be guaranteed through recognizing customary land rights and gender equality. Studies reveal that 70% of African farmers are women and they should have the right to benefit from their land.

The report is structured on ten basic steps to be followed regarding the implementation of proper land administration and similar projects managed in countries like Brazil, China, Argentina or Indonesia have served as valuable experiences to learn from.

The future of African families depends a lot on the success of implementing international land administration rights, and ensuring agricultural growth. Transparency and efficiency in land administration are vital for succeeding a rapid economical development, and this report gets into the details of achieving it.

Redistributing rural land to the poor and vulnerable farmers can increase a family’s income by 40% as proven by the pilot project managed in Malawi. There should be laws protecting squatters, restrictions should be removed and gender equity must be promoted, in order to increase production, obtain food security, and reduce poverty through large-scale land rights progress.

The solution offered to scale up reforms and investments are very down-to-earth and rigorously analyzed, based on a global documentation about other poor countries that have struggled with agricultural administration reformation. This study can be very useful and relevant for those interested in global land administration and rights, exploiting natural resources or African economic growth.

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