Standard and Accurate Briquetting Machines

Posted by Deepi on November 23rd, 2013

To make our life more convenient and better, Briquetting machine manufacturer produce many briquetting machines to meet the satisfactory of people. For example, Jumbo 90 briquetting machine and Super 70 briquetting machine which is widely used in the briquette industry. Biomass and other industrial residues are gathered and compressed under high pressure in the briquetting press machine and then generate efficient fuel briquettes.

There are different types of briquetting machines and other briquetting equipment including:

Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machine

Jumbo 90 briquetting machine is able to grind various types of raw materials like groundnut shells, cotton salk, bagasse, caster seed shells, rice husk, coffee husk and industrial waste or green waste into high energy concentrated fuel briquettes. Jumbo 90 briquette press has high production capacity with 1500kg/hr and consumes low electricity than any other briquette press. In this machine raw materials up to 25mm size can be used without grinding.  This machine works on world’s renowned binder less technology.

Super 70 Briquetting Machine

Super 70 briquetting machine is designed for medium scale industries. It can convert biomass or industrial waste into briquettes.  This machine has low production capacity with 750kg/hr.  It is best for the raw material up to 12mm size. Electricity cost is reduced by 35-40% and has high production capacity compare super 60 model.

                    If the raw material having size 25mm above then it needed to crush into crusher. Sometimes it is used in briquetting process. Both machines are technically innovative so it don’t require to constant supervision. Briquetting machine manufacturer are making these machinery with superior quality and affordable price. From this plant farmers can earn money by selling their own wastage. Briquetting Plant is become more popular because easy availability of raw material and also it is renewable source of energy.

The major inducements are:

  • Government gives exemption and also gives subsidy on purchasing this briquetting machine.
  • Total value of machines to be reduced in the first year.
  • 100% income tax exemption for first five years on this plant.
  • Many states have exempted briquettes from sales tax.

                    The output from briquetting machine is also known as white coal because it does not pollute environment. Biomass briquettes are used in various industries like brick kilns, laminate industry, textile industry, ceramic mills as well as home for heating and cooking. Biomass briquetting plant is completely biodegradable and economical plant of our better future.

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