Charlie Hunnam Comments on the casting of Jamie Dornan

Posted by FiftyShades on November 23rd, 2013

Charlie Hunnam, the actor who famously withdrew from the role of Christian Grey has spoken out about his replacement in the on-going saga that is Fifty Shades of Grey movie.Charlie is reported as stating that he doesn’t know Jamie’s previous work but that he knows Sam Taylor-Wood, the British director of the movie and that he is sure Jamie will make an excellent Christian Grey.

Jamie Dornan is an Irish actor who was cast after Charlie’s shock withdrawal three weeks after the long-awaited announcement in September. The withdrawal came as a blow to the movie producers and directors after the fans went into meltdown over the casting of Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson. Over 80,000 fans formed an online petition against the casting of Dakota and Charlie.

Jamie Dornan is a singer also and has formerly been a Calvin Klein underwear model and is the former partner of Kiera Knightly, she of Bend it like Beckham fame where she played one of the leads in the British production. Jamie was also the lead character in the British BBC2 production of The Fall, where he played a serial killer who targeted women. In this summer smash in the UK, Jamie played a disturbed man who was happily married to a nurse yet he went on the rampage and targeted young professional women.

Jamie is relatively unknown in terms of Hollywood and while the movie Fifty Shades has been dogged with problems such as delays in filming and a release date that has been postponed until Valentine’s Day weekend in 2015, Jamie’s casting seems to have gone down well in comparison to Charlie’s initial announcement. Shooting is due to begin on December 2nd in Vancouver, Canada. Initially planned for the beginning of November, this setback has resulted in the delay of the original release date for the movie. Still, there’s hope there is some movement now and we can now look forward to the movie going ahead despite the fact that we have to wait six months to see it. The movie is set to be screened first in US cinemas so the rest of us will have to wait.

Jamie’s days as model with Calvin Klein showed him working alongside models such as Kate Moss and Eva Mendes. Saucy shots can be found of Jamie modelling the famous Calvin Klein underwear and this appears to have done down well the army of Christian Grey fans. Seemingly, Charlie’s tough guy image didn’t fit the mold of the sexy Christian Grey. Jamie and his easy-on-the-eye modelling pictures have appealed to Christian’s legendary female fans. It’s easy to see why too, the man is very easy on the eye and we agree with Charlie, he will make an excellent Christian Grey.


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