Post Partum Support Denver - Identifying a Mood Disorder

Posted by AmandaTom on November 26th, 2013

 A woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and the act of giving birth to a baby alone can be traumatizing for some women. Sometimes the birth of the child which should be a joy turns into a nightmare and the mother goes into a state of depression, where she experiences symptoms such as anger, fatigue, sleeplessness and mood swings. This is known as post partum depression. Post partum depression is a mood disorder and post partum support Denver strives to help such women struggling with post partum depression.

Handling a baby is a great responsibility and a challenge. If the mother is in a depressive state, it will not only affect the baby but also significant others. This is a mood disorder which is so severe that it can affect couple’s marriage. Couples may live with the scar for years and throw it back at each other, years later, accusing each other for not been there for the other person at that time of crisis. Post partum support Denver understands the difficulty that can be experienced by the couple’s marriage at a later date and the child at present and tries by helping the mother individually and both parents as a couple.

Post partum support Denver helps the woman and her partner or husband to overcome the challenge posed by post partum depression. Being a mood disorder it is addressed mainly through counseling. EMDR is also administered when required to help a new mother to recover from a traumatic birth experience. Support is extended so that a mother can bond with her newborn and adjust to her changing identity and relationships. She and her husband or partner is also given guidance and support in order to connect both physically and emotionally after the arrival of a baby and dealing with post partum depression.

Most post partum support Denver centers offer a free first consultation service. The counselor spends some time with the new mother and helps her to identify if it as a mood disorder. Paperwork can be completed online after choosing a psychologist. Filling the form online enables more contact time with the psychologist. The psychologist will answer questions and work to make a client comfortable being around and talking to him or her. The success rates are high and the psychologist will never undertake to help a new mother if he or she is unable to help. This alone should help boost a person’s confidence with the service.

There are certain other resources available through the post partum support Denver. One such resource is a hot line number which links a person with a mood disorder such as post partum depression to someone who has gone through it. This enables a mother to come to terms with her condition and realize that she is not alone but one amongst the many new mothers in the world. It builds confidence that she too can be healed just as the person she spoke with was healed. It boosts the mother’s confidence and brings about better understanding between a couple and also the mother and the baby.

After having carried the baby in her womb for nine months, the mother should be able to enjoy and accept her baby to the fullest when it arrives. Likewise, a father should be supportive to both mother and baby. This ensures a healthy and happy baby and a responsible adult for the future. A mood disorder such as post partum depression does not have to ruin a happy family. Therapists at post partum support Denver understand this fact. Therefore help is offered to those who seek it and thus ensures healthy parents that enjoy their “bundle of joy”.

Groups like post partum support Denver is encouraged so that the new mom does not feel isolated in her condition. Rather than struggle with a mood disorder, therapists working for such groups work to nip it in the bud and ensure a happy existence.

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