Great Email Marketing Strategies for Event Planners

Posted by planaheadevents on November 26th, 2013

In this age of tweeting, blogging, Facebooking, Instant Messaging, a valuable marketing tool called ‘e-mail’ is fast becoming obsolete in many people’s eyes. However, e-mail is still a very crucial factor to the success of event marketing and if used effectively it could extend your reach and cut costs. So, how does a professional event management company leverage the power of e-mail marketing to make maximum impact? Read on to find out.

Why e-mail marketing?

‘Email' is one of the most overlooked yet effective modes of communication. It has been around for decades, but not many realize how useful it can be. It has the following advantages to offer.

1.Today, it’s safe to assume that everyone in your target audience has at least one email account and email marketing can help deliver a custom, personalized message about an event right to a delegate's email inbox. And it’s cost effective!

2.It is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today as it allows you to communicate a variety of information regularly within a tight marketing budget.

3.By adopting the email marketing method, you can communicate with delegates easily. You can also include a Register Now button to encourage delegates to register immediately.

How to use e-mail marketing effectively?

While e-mail marketing can be a great tool for event promotion, there are a certain things that need to be kept in mind to ensure the success of an event.

• Send the e-mails to the right people

An important aspect of business event planning is to send the e-mails to right people, so that not just our response rate is higher but also our return on investment and the amount of time or the money we’ve spent is higher as well. Therefore be sure to properly segment your email lists so the right email hits the right inbox everytime.

• Personalize

The more personal the tone, or voice, the better — write your message as though it is from a human being rather than an impersonal institution. People want to build relationships with other people, not with a company. Add to the personal touch by providing a little something extra, such as information that is related to your customers' interests in your business.

• Make the content relevant and brief

Expect that most of your customers and potential customers have time and interest for reading only what pertains to them, as long as it gets to the point quickly. The more you target each e-mail message to individual recipients' interests, the more likely they are to open, read, and respond to your messages.

• Make the content interesting

The people you’re trying to reach are busy. Incorporate pictures and plenty of action steps. Give them links to longer content, so they can decide what interests them. Use bold to highlight important points and what you want them to do next.

• Offer a clear call to action

Make clear in the first paragraph what action the recipients can take. Don't make them scroll through the message to find it, but restate it at the end as well in case they decide to read the entire message before they act. It’s good to include a link for more information.

• Do not send e-mails too often

E-mails sent too often can backfire.The number one reason people unsubscribe from emails is because they come too frequently. And it’s no wonder because an inbox clogged with spam is not going to make anyone a happy. Bombarding people with emails will only anger them and damage the brand. Creating a marketing strategy can be overwhelming. However, with an experienced event planning company like, Plan Ahead Events, the job becomes extremely easy.

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