Merchant Cash Advance Company: An Angel Investor in Guise

Posted by AmandaTom on November 28th, 2013

 The first hurdle that start-up entrepreneurs need to cross actually appears as the biggest hurdle during the nascent phase of a business life-cycle, acquiring the working capital. Business cash advance companies are there to bridge the gap and have actually burgeoned in popularity using the tight credit space. If you choose a merchant cash advance company for acquiring the working capital for starting your business from scratch, you can enjoy the obvious benefits. Qualification is all a matter of time and payment terms are pretty lenient, two factors that you can use to your business advantage. The small business cash advance providers have proved to be the last resort for many budding entrepreneurs in this troubled economy. These providers offer a variety of financing options including restaurant equipment financing etc.

Merchant cash advance – Where it is different from other corporate loans?

Merchant cash advance companies offer the entrepreneurs with lump sums on easy terms and conditions. Restaurants, spa centers, salons, and other service-based businesses as well as retail merchants largely benefit from this type of cash advance options whereas internet based businesses have less chances to get approval. These business funding packages are not to be confused with any other sort of business loan as the deals are defined as ‘purchase of future income’. These advances are not delimited by regulatory constraints that are meant for lenders and put a cap on their interest rates. The loan providers get a mutually agreed percentage of the credit card sales of the merchant who takes out a ‘cash advance’. This arraignment creates myriad benefits for the business owners as they can slow down or pick up the pace during the entire repayment cycle based on their monthly sales. In the world of business cash advance, there is neither fixed payment nor any due date. The repayment amount varies with the revenue flow and this is the only thing that the cash advance providers take in consideration while giving cash advance to the merchants expressing their interests.

Fast cash in a slowed down economy – Are we talking Utopia?

There are many entrepreneurs who still doubt about whether a cash advance programs really works as the providers proclaim. If you take a look at the market scenario, you can find that the cash advance providers have already penetrated 10% of the business financing market, a great feat considering the size and age of the industry. If you opt for a merchant cash advance company, you may have to pay higher interest rates. But the easy terms make it easier for you to get solid funding to start your business.

Can you get cash advance for business upgrade?

Whether it comes to buying new equipment and upgrading your business, small businesses may need instant funding in a variety of scenarios. For example, you might need restaurant equipment financing for making your restaurant business bigger. If you can find the right merchant cash advance provider, you can get the right funding for your business growth.

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