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Posted by Johny Dean on November 28th, 2013

The business of electrical contracting Northampton is run by licensed and insured electrical contractors. Such professionals differ from electricians in that they are business entities, not employees. In fact, electrical contractors can hire people, this making them employers. Just like regular electricians, electrical contractors have a solid knowledge about electrical systems and can undertake various electrical tasks.

Generally, electrical contractors are divided in three categories, depending on their main responsibilities. The first category of professionals providing electrical contracting Northampton services refers to contractors destined to provide electrical power to commercial and residential buildings. With their help, domestic users and companies are able to charge their phones and computers, use various electrical appliances, heat up their rooms or offices, or control certain electrical devices remotely.

The second category of electrical contractors refers to those professionals engaged in the communications industry. They design, install and maintain fiber optics, wireless networks, security systems, and other types of communications infrastructure. Generally, such contractors are known as low-voltage electrical contractors, in contradistinction to the previous type of contractors, usually known as high-voltage electrical contractors.

The third category regards the contractors that bring light to our homes and offices. Just like the contractors that design, install and maintain electrical systems for commercial and institutional buildings, systems that allow them to power their computers, appliances or electrical devices, this third category of contractors is included in the large group of high-voltage electrical contractors. The difference between these two categories is that the first one is aimed at providing electricity for electrical appliances and electronics, while the second at providing electricity for lighting devices.

Besides the regular works as design, installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems, electrical contractors and electricians provide fixed wire testing Northamptonshire services as well. Electrical testing is very important, because it ensures your electrical system, being it destined to power up your TV, MP3 player, computer, or chandelier, works without faults. During an electrical testing session, the flow of electricity could be interrupted for a while, in order to let the electricians inspect it safely.

Still, some tests need to be undertaken when the electrical system is running. Due to that reason, make sure to address a reliable company providing fixed wire testing Northamptonshire services, otherwise you could end up with an unspotted problem transforming little by little into a serious issue with an increasingly higher risk of fire and electrocution. Contact a trustworthy company activating in the electric power industry and have your electrical system tested on a regular basis.

Interested in a dependable fixed wire testing Northamptonshire? Contact us today. We specialise in electrical contracting Northampton and deliver all sorts of electrical works, from installation, repair and maintenance of climate controls, wireless networks, and security systems, to cabling and other low-voltage electrical works to residential, institutional and commercial users. For an estimate or other details, give us a call or write us a message and we will contact you back. Invest in your safety and make sure each day is secure.

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