Dumbbells Provides an Ideal Way to Strengthen Your Upper Body

Posted by SportsGear4U on November 30th, 2013

Typically dumbbells look like a miniature form of barbells. They come is different weights and can serve a number of purposes for strengthening and toning the upper body.  Depending on your body weight and the level of fitness and also the desired fitness goals upper body exercises can be performed with dumbbells of different weights. You can also work with dumbbells in some specific ways to strengthen your legs, and lower body but working with dumbbells is surely the ideal way to build up your upper body including the arms, shoulders, chest and abdomen. Specific exercises with dumbbells can also help to tone your back muscles. Working with weights makes exercising more effective enabling you to reach your goals much quicker. Exercising with dumbbells makes a vital part of strength training and proper exercise regime with the proper use of dumbbells can be extremely effective in building body, maintain fitness or for losing weight.

Dumbbell exercises to tone up your upper body

Performing dumbbell bench press tones up the pectoral muscles of chest thus helping to tone up and build a sculptured chest. The same exercise with dumbbells can also be highly effective for building your triceps as well as the deltoids or the shoulders. With inclined and declined bench press, you can also work out your upper pectorals and lower pectorals in a more effective way.

Biceps curl is a common and simple exercise that you can perform with dumbbells. This exercise builds your biceps and helps in building your forearms. Different modifications of this exercise can help to strengthen up your wrists, as well. For working out your deltoid muscles shoulder press with dumbbells can give excellent results. By performing this exercise, you also make your triceps work along with your deltoid muscles, thus building the whole of your upper body. Triceps kickback with dumbbells is the best exercise for toning up your triceps. Back exercises with dumbbells can do wonders. Kneeling one arm rows is an excellent exercise with dumbbells that can make your back muscles work vigorously. Dumbbell lateral raise specifically targets your middle deltoid muscles giving it a perfect workout.

Exercising with dumbbells can help in working out every muscle of your upper body and thus helping to strengthen up. The good thing is that you can purchase these items online at a reasonable price, and this is quite convenient too.

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