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Posted by shreyavaidya on December 2nd, 2013

Now it is time to convert your waste into valuable things. Convert waste into briquettes to make biofuel. Make wealth from waste so invest in Briquetting plant. Briquetting Machine is a revolutionary approach to generate non conventional and renewable source of energy for the various sectors like  industrial, agriculture and forestry waste. Biomass Briquetting press machine is the most excellent approach to produce green energy, to reduce greenhouse gas releases and to make the environment unpolluted. Also the bio-fuel is environmentally, inexpensively and socially sustainable.

                With today’s dynamic carbon emission standards it’s thoroughly needed to generate alternative eco-fuel.  Seeing as an environmental future the spending rate of fossil fuel has risen fourfold. Biofuel is a wonderful alternative approach to clean the environment through original technology. Briquetting Machine is a technology driven method that convert industrial, agriculture and forestry waste into solid fuel. Advantage  from utilization of biomass raw-material,

  • Efficient usage of waste.
  • Reduce green house effect
  • Eco-friendly  source

                 Biomass squander away can be composed from diverse sources like industrial waste, rustic waste like households, agro waste material and wood. The biomass Briquetting machine is the environment friendly green substitute for recycle or earn from agriculture, forestry or industrial waste by transforming raw material into resourceful and Eco friendly solid bio fuel. Bio-Briquette blocks can be used in plentiful manufacturing activities alike textile industry, the milk industry, chemical industry and many more.

                The best part of such briquettes is that they don’t release any smoke or toxic gas at the time of heating. The key need of machine briquette  is to make good Mother Nature and to protect the environment. Companies like Radhe Industrial Corp. And others have taken plan to manufacture, supply, and export these briquette machines. They manufacture it with great accuracy and supreme quality.

                The creation of briquette machines has made a mark in this industry and contributed a lot to this nature protection program. These briquette equipment is basically used to deal with divested material excreted by many industries after the process of product manufacturing has been finished. The waste is not only treated as waste but Briquetting plant through we can convert it into valuable thing. But also converted into useful fuel or resources which are further used to produce power and to make an option of expensive fuel in the form of briquette coal.

                And briquette is a renewable source of energy so it is available abundantly and we can make briquettes easily where availability of raw material is higher.

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