Steps To Do Proper Chicago Computer Recycle

Posted by computerrecycle50 on December 3rd, 2013

Chicago has a technology driven society. Each person now has e-readers, laptops, smart phones, iPads, etc., and a large percentage of its households have more than 3 computers inside. Have you ever thought about what happens to the computers when you replace them by the latest models and throw them in the landfills? You need to know that computers have several components inside that are extremely dangerous for the environment, such as cathode ray tubes, plastic cases, cadmium, nickel etc. One way to save the environment due to damage caused by computers is to do a Chicago computer recycle. Let us have a look at the steps involved in recycling a computer system.

Steps involved in Chicago computer recycle

Adding your old computer to the landfills is not a wise option. Computer systems contain components that cause significant harm to the environment. So, if you are conscious about protecting the ozone, and preventing toxins from causing harm to the environment, then it is advisable to know how to do a Chicago computer recycle. Here is a list of steps with which you can destroy your old computer’s hard drive, prevent identity theft and throw it in an eco-friendly manner:

First of all, take a backup of your saved files on a disk or flash drive.

Delete any personal information that you might have saved on your computer, such as your credit card details, phone numbers, email addresses etc. You can use a hard disk software to do this, or destroy your hard drive completely.

Then, close all the running programs, shut it off, and unplug it.

Remove all parts of the computer containing static shock.

Disconnect its hard drive, pull away the connector breaks, and remove the hard drive.

Smash it with a hammer or any heavy object so that it destroys completely.

When you open up your computer, you will find several parts that you can remove and sell out as scrap, such as gold fingers, motherboard, transistors, bonding wires, SIMS, connectors, RAM, CPU, electroplating etc. You can either sell them at a local scrap store, or over the Internet. You can get good money for the silver, copper and gold used in your old computer.

Doing a Chicago computer recycle will not only reduce your carbon footprint on the earth, but will also save you from unnecessary fines your government may impose on you. There are Chicago computer recycle companies too, whom you can call to sell your computer, or ask them about their recycling or buyback programs.

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