Fuel Briquetting Plant System

Posted by Deepi on December 3rd, 2013

                                      Thinking of ways to save the environment from pollution? It’s high time we do, as the planet we live on is suffering from pollution. It’s time to do something to save our environment. Let’s resort to simple way to save the environment. Here It is.

                                     With the enhancement of environmental awareness, more and more people tend to use the clean energy. The black coal is being replaced by the clean energy; biomass briquette is quite a best alternative choice. That’s why briquetting plant is growing in demand and everyone choose to purchase it.

                                     Briquetting plant is the source of renewable energy and creates green nature around the world. Briquetting plant is invented to make healthy environment. Now, briquette plant is growing in demand due to its biodegradable features. All type of waste is converted into high energetic fuel briquettes in the briquetting machine. Biomass briquette press is a machine which can converts green waste or industrial waste into useful products. There are different types of briquetting machines are available in the industrial market.

                                 Jumbo 90 briquette press and Super 70 briquette press is most usable and accurate machines in the field of briquetting plant. Briquetting plant manufacturer makes standard briquette machinery with the use of latest technology. They are used best equipment to make briquette press and giving portable delivery on purchasing briquette plant.  RICO is the best manufacturer and exporter of briquetting machine or briquetting plant. If you have searched top manufacturer of briquette machine then you find the best manufacturer and exporter of briquette machine as RICO.  

                            Briquetting machine manufacturer are gathered different types of raw material or biomass and then put in into briquette machine. After under high pressure this waste is converted into biomass briquettes which are used in various industries.  Briquette plant manufacturer makes superior quality briquette machine as per your requirement.  Other equipment like crusher, dryer and hammer mill is needed in the process of briquette making.

                              Biomass briquettes are easy to store, transport and handle.  Biomass briquetting process is Eco friendly because it does not contain sulfur. Indian manufacturer are selling their briquette machinery in the international market, also. This machinery is cost effective and trustable. Briquette plant project is Eco friendly that’s why Government supports to this project. They give us subsidy on purchasing this plant and also give tax exemption on first five years.  So, we have to use this machine and make our nature green and healthy. 

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