What to look for when shopping for a Honda generator

Posted by mygenerator on December 3rd, 2013

The first thing that you need to consider while shopping for a Honda generator is what type of devices and equipment you will be powering with the help of the generator? These requirements can range from recreational applications like camping appliances through to providing electricity during extended power outages caused by extreme weather events. If your application is for recreational purposes, then Honda generators are a great choice. They provide sufficient power and are the perfect portable power source for remote camping, an outdoor event or a mobile small business. For these situations, a Honda EU20idelivers enough power for power tools, small fridges, lights and kitchen appliances.

If you have larger power requirements, then generators powered by Honda engines have you covered. These generators can power everything from water pumps through to households, data centres and industrial applications. The large variety of Honda generators available on the market means that you can get acustomised power solution tailored to your specific requirements.

The first step in the process is to calculatethestarting and running wattage for the appliances you wish to power. This will help in deciding what size Honda generator you should buy. Typical appliances can include anything from toasters to equipment of higher usage, but some appliances use a lot of power and hence need to be considered prior to choosing a generator. Such appliances include; electric heaters, air conditioners, freezers, electrical dryers, medical equipment, electric stoves, well pumps, etc.

Calculate the total of the starting and running wattage for the appliances you intend to run. This will determine the type and size of power generator that youneed.

You also need to consider whether you need to power sensitive electronic equipment like computers, TVs, mobile phones, etc. If you need your generator to power this type of equipment, thenselect a Honda generator with inverter technology.

The inverter technology used in some Honda generators, relies on microprocessors to deliver power which is proportional to the demand applied. This greatly improves efficiency, reduces noise and improves performance. In addition this reduces the risk of your sensitive electronic equipment being damaged due to power surge.

The Honda inverter technology is a recent development in generatorsoffering anenhanced level of performance. Our advice is to take a thorough look around your house or commercial setup in order to determine which type of Honda generator you need to buy. You can discuss these requirements with an electrician to help in deciding on the right type of generator for your needs.

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