Add an Independent House to Your Property

Posted by linneasimone on September 15th, 2020

Do you know that you can now add a completely detached home to your backyard in Los Angeles? Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is great a reality that is helping homeowners in amazing ways. A reliable local Los Angeles builder can help you unlock this right and build a new house for additional income.

As a property owner, you are eligible with the condition that you can fit the home within the setback and lot coverage needs. You can occupy either of the two homes. Builders can provide a number of ADU models or designs for backyard homes in Los Angeles. Additionally, they help build the new house to meet owner’s requirements while abiding by the state rules. As each property and situation can be different, you must consult an expert before deciding on anything. A professional can analyze the property and offer free consultation.

Why is a second home on your property an attractive option?

A small, second home on the property can provide a lot of benefits to property owners. This becomes even more beneficial when space availability is less or you are looking for another source of income. An ADU can benefit you in a number of ways:

Space for aging parents

If you have aging parents and you have limited space in your old home, you can think of an ADU that can provide a perfect home to them. Also, it will give a way to keep your family close and comfortable, while still ensuring everyone’s independence. With smart devices, owners can also expect better monitoring, if needed.

A source of extra income

An ADU has become a source of extra income for many property owners. They can rent it out for additional income, on short or long term leases. Renting an ADU provides privacy along with extra cash inflow that’s not possible by renting a bedroom or basement.

If your kids have grown up, moved out, you can personally downsize. Move into the ADU, rent out your primary home and become a landlord.

Extra space for visiting guests

Sometimes you expect guests at home, but you get worried for not having enough space. Be the best host ever for every guest visiting you by utilizing the additional backyard space. An ADU provides extra space for family as well as visiting guests.

Space for kids

An ADU can also provide enough space to accommodate kids returning home after college.


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