How to Wash and Take Care of Clothing

Posted by 7efashion on December 4th, 2013

In order to take care of your beloved clothes easily, author now tell you the skills so that you can make your clothing to be at best condition every monment. Want to have to change into different clothes every day, but a wardrobe is always less. When the wardrobe of clothing increased when maintenance it may quite tiring Hello.

First, deal with stubborn zippers

The clothes you bought or clothing that you didn't wear for a long time, the zippers will always ring true comparison. Especially in the rush morning when you need to wear clothing with zippers hurry, but the zippers can't work. This time you can try rubbing back and forth with a pencil on the zippers, then there should be quite a significant improvement with this way. This is because the pencil can produce the effect of lubricating zippers bite in place. If the clothing is white or light-colored, you can use a candle instead of a pencil, will have very good results. I remember one of my friend tried to deal with a stubborn zipper of her Japanese fashion clothing, she doesn’t know the right way and pulled it strongly and made it bad finally. Therefore, girls should know there are right way to deal with it.

Second, the hasty are ready to go out only to find buttons clothes crumbling, but there is no time to mend slowly how to do?

This time you can try the following coup. When the sutures of the buttons have loosed, they can be coated with a layer of transparent nail polish in place of sutures, then you do not have to worry about the buttons will fall when you go out.

How to hung clothing well

Want to make the clothes dry a little earlier, you can try to put clothes on a sunny and ventilation place. When you hung clothing to dry, the thicker clothes should hung on the second place, and then followed by a thin, thick, short and long clothing be hunged all staggered, so that you can let the wind full flow, it is very easy to dry the clothes.

Make jeans are not washed in light color

To the jean which color became light as the washing time, there is a magic method to make it back into the bright colors. Approach is quite simple, that is to let the new dark color jeans to wash with the old jeans. Then the new dark jeans' falled color can be a natural dye in old jeans, of course, it can restore the old jeans bright color.

Quick drying heavy clothes cheats

Jeans or thick cotton trousers, after cleaning would be more difficult to dry. So when the you hang them to dry, you can use the round hanger to make it maintain as a state, and make all the zippers and buttons to unlock. Further preferably, when dry the pants, make them in turn so that the pocket is relatively easy to dry, and it is possible to prevent the sun cause discoloration problems.

Eliminating the unpleasant smell of smoke on clothes and barbecue flavor

After enjoy the food, the smell of the food left on the face of the clothes that always make us feel quite troubled. After taking a bath, taking advantage of some steam and put the clothes hanging in the bathroom for 2 to 3 hours and make it dry outside. When the water evaporates because of the smell of clothes will also evaporate. So if anxious to wear it, with a steam iron steam it, you can achieve the same effect.

Hot shirts well with towel

When ironing a shirt, there is a certain procedure. First, start from the collar, and then the hem, cuffs, front of clothing and behind of clothing. But the collar, cuffs and shoulder crotch cloth where are most difficult to hot. Then the towel can be used. As long as the towels folded and put it under the cuffs or collar, not only can burn out very three-dimensional shape, nor iron out creases out of the mess.

Eliminate all stains on clothes

When accidentally stained with sauce, the current treatment is the most important. Soy sauce and tea stains, should put the water siphoning off immediately with toilet paper, do not rub them. Then after getting back to home and do further processed. The basic approach is to acquire a piece of cloth stained with the stain pad in place, and then put 5 to 6 cotton swabs tied together, stained water and scouring oil stains on clothes brush gently to the following cloth up. If you are not able to fully remove it, try stained with neutral detergent, and finally remember to wet wipe.

Eliminate perspiration on clothing with a wet towel

Although only a little perspiration residue on the clothes, but every time it got to wash which is very fruitless. Excessive cleaning cloth would make it injured, so long as there is perspiration with a wet towel and pat gently place the collar, so that the dirt is transferred to the towel to the above, then just blow dry it.

No matter Korean style clothing, Asian fashion clothing, Japanese style clothing or European style clothing and so on, should need to take care of them carefully.


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