They always reason to spend more time

Posted by sarahbulaiman on December 4th, 2013

Those who do not look up to any colleagues who may often find that their skills to reach a bottleneck, because they have no one around them can make themselves constantly break new objective.In my personal experience, the majority of game art staff are new recruits, they always reason to spend more time than their RS Gold. They often try to prolong the task, but it will have a negative impact on you and your colleagues.

First of all, you soon tired out, decline in the quality of your work, you will begin to hate their jobs, which would affect your colleagues, because management will start questioning why we do not put more effort? The best approach is to work hard to complete the task within the stipulated time. This will make you feel better, because you will feel restored energy, your boss will be very happy to complete the task in deadlines.

I found the problem that people did not fully play their biggest potential is that they fear of failure and not try new things. Everyone will be failed in his career, the sooner you let go from the easier you get reborn. Error obviously not a good thing, but no one is perfect. The most important thing is to draw lessons from mistakes and avoid heavy detours. To become a progressive art staff, you have the courage to take over these projects and tasks which are not familiar. The items that make you nervous, mostly because you never had contact with it, or the last time you do not completed on schedule.

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