Fire prevention basic materials: vermiculite board and fire bricks

Posted by vijayvinson on December 4th, 2013

Our civilization is progressing every day and new changes happen in every domain of our lives. Buildings get higher, tools are more advanced, comfort is increasing; but because all of this constant movement, all modern progress is exposed to dangers, and one of them is fire. Fire prevention for all industries includes good prevention strategies that start with using basic fireproof materials, like vermiculite board and fire bricks.

Fire can destroy everything in its path, and with the high increase in industrial and urban activity, fire prevention has become a necessity. Today, fire bricks are regularly used in construction so that buildings have less damage from fire and insulate different parts of a building or facility. Heat resistant materials have long been in existence, and some factories that produce heat resistant bricks or vermiculite board have over 100 years in experience. You will find that fire proof materials can include: cement, mortars, glass and other products that have improved fire proof characteristics. Lots of industries are using vermiculite board and fire bricks; you will find these products in steel plants, in power stations, cement factories, glass and ceramics manufacturers, even in renewable energy industries or in refineries and the general chemical industry. Basically, fire resistant materials are a necessity wherever people are working with fire and heat.

The companies which have tradition in creating fire and heat resistant materials can offer high quality materials that can be used in different ways, in industry but also for the smallest construction projects. For example, one product you’ll need in a home, if you’re planning to construct a fireplace, or a stove, is fire bricks. These are created out of clay and they have a very dense and resistant structure, being perfect for use on grills, in ovens or inserts. Depending on the products you choose, they may be able to withstand heat of up to 1300oC. As such, these bricks can endure high temperatures, but at the same time they have another characteristic: low thermal conductivity, which means you can save more energy. The materials you should use will depend on the utility you’ll give them. For example, you should use porous bricks if you want to build a gas fireplace. Moreover, these highly resistant bricks will also give your interior a cozy and beautiful aspect, as they come in great designs that make any space look more interesting.

Building a fireplace or a stove can also be made with similar products: for example, a vermiculite board has excellent insulation properties, as this material is often used in fire protection. You can place vermiculite boards or panels in stoves or as a replacement, instead of using heat resistant bricks. This insulation product can withstand temperatures of up to 1100oC. It can also help you by improving energy efficiency. The petrochemical industry uses this material extensively, so you can trust it to perform nicely in your home, giving you the much need protection that you had been looking for.

Use a vermiculite board or fire bricks for your stove or fireplace. These products have high heat resistance and can help you save energy.

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