Seasonal Different Colors Clothing Matching Skills

Posted by 7efashion on December 5th, 2013

Whether you are a cock wire or young artists, I believe you have do particular research for clothes in different seasons. Different seasons with different clothes and colors, you will spread different moods and styles. Strictly speaking, seasonal clothing colors fall into two categories: red, yellow, orange and other similar colors as warm color, which make people feel warm; blue are cool colors, which make people feel cool and cold; green and purple are intermediate colors. In winter, choose warm colors, and in summer, choose cool colors.

Red Colors Clothing Series

Red symbolizes the warmth, passion and excitement. Light red color can be the color as spring. Intense brilliant red is more suitable for summer; dark red is ideal color of autumn. Red shirt can match with white dress and white trousers, while red pants matching with red dress and white shirt and more. Brilliant red gives people a very strong impression, In addition, bright red color shirt can match with blue jean. Red coat can match with a black dress or trousers and white shirt.

Red is no longer to be the symbol of noble, but it’s dressed entirely depending on personal preferences. Light red trousers or dresses, can match with white or beige shirt, and put crimson brooch pins to decorate shirt so that make it echo with light red pant. If it is light red plaid dress can match with crimson Korean fashion clothing shirt, jacket, yellow hat, white shoes and purses. 

Yellow Colors Clothing Series

Yellow is warm color, a symbol of warmth, luxury, fun, warm, vibrant, self-willed, authoritative, lively, high saturation color yellow for the rich, low saturation yellow is the best color for spring; the brightness yellow is suitable for summer; the strong saturation deep yellow is suitable for autumn. Pale yellow gauze dress, with a romantic feeling, it may be a long evening gown or pajamas to wear. Pale yellow shirt can match with brown skirts or pants, and you can also connect a light brown lace on the pale yellow dress so that its silhouette is more obvious.

Green Colors Clothing Series

Green symbolizes nature, growth, clean, quiet, safe, and hope, which is a tender and beautiful color, reminiscent of the nature of the plant. However, the green itself is difficult to match with other colors. Speaking of very popular pale green, in addition with white color, it is not easy to find another better color to match up. If the light green to match with red, will be not popular with this modern world; to match with black, will be too heavy; to match with blue, will be committed; to match with yellow, will be just a little ok. If you wear green clothes, you can use the white bags and shoes, followed by the effect of silver, or other colors wiser.

Therefore, when buying green clothes, not be impulsive, with particular attention to whether you have white and silver skirts and trousers to match; while buying green dresses and pants, should not forget coupled with a white shirt coat.

Flower Printing Colors Clothing Series

In the market, there are a lot of calico, we can mainly based on the color of the above will be classified as a certain color, and then follow the general color to match. Usually small floral fabric, can still be coupled with the color of plain fabric. The clothes with big flower printing, it is best not to use the same series color match up, but use contrasting colors or white to match so that make the advantages of a large pattern a little more balanced. No matter what kind of flower printing fabric cloth, be sure to pay attention to its depth if it is two-piece costume

White Color Clothing Series

White symbolizes purity, holy, bright, clean and peaceful, can perform noble qualities of a person well; especially in the summer, wearing a white dress, much cooler than dark clothing. But wear white clothing is not entirely a white regarded beautiful, if one were white whole her body, like white dress, white shoes, white gloves, white bag, that is not only lost the personal charm, but also lack of vitality. For accessories, blue decorations (such as necklaces) have a balancing role to reconcile, make people extraordinarily young and lively.

Therefore, to wear white clothes in order to look more beautiful, you should learn colors for make-up and accessories because you can only achieve a perfect match style to the combination of makeup and decorative accessories more direct.

Black Color Clothing Series

In clothing, black was regarded as the best color to match with various colors. Except the bride can’t use black color, black can be used alone or in combination in other time. For vibrant people, wearing black clothing, can immediately doubled the brilliant light. For tall obese people, wearing black color cloth, will look slimmer than the real figure. Not only that, when mixed with other colors, black also has the effect of contraction, such as red, black, blue black, dark green and so on.

And if you want to try all the color series clothing above, then you need to have all this color clothing which you can wholesale cheap clothing online.



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