Using Custom Labels to Create a Brand Identity

Posted by mercurylabels on December 5th, 2013

When you bring a new product to market it is important to come up with a brand identity. The reason this is important is that you want your brand to stick out. You want your brand to come to people’s mind when they are looking for a product that they need. With so many competing products on the market, you will have an advantage over a similar product if you are memorable.

There are many ways you can achieve the goal of being memorable for customers. Some of them cost more money than others. You can do a massive advertising campaign. The cost for this can be prohibitive for some businesses, though. However, it is one effective way to help customers be able to remember your product. It's trite but true: repetition is the mother of retention. The more they see your product, the more it is likely to stick in their mind.

Another way you can become more memorable for customers is to create a brand identity. Your goal should be not just to create any kind of brand identity but to create a strong brand identity. If you sell a physical, consumable product part of creating your brand identity can include your packaging. If you sell a product that is consumable, you want your packaging to be attractive to the eye and easy to recognise. You can do this by using custom printed labels.

When you think about it, many products that you purchase regularly have done a fantastic job of creating a brand identity with the labelling of their products. Even if you are a small business, you can get a start on your brand identity when you get attractive, custom printed labels. If you have an idea in mind of the design you want for your label, good for you! However, since not everyone is creative enough to come up with the labels for their products, you can also have a design team come up with some ideas for your product’s labelling.

Many sites online offer high quality custom printed labels. One such site, Mercury Labels, also has a full team who can help product artwork for your labels. Even if you do have your own artwork, you might consider revisiting your labels to see if their designers can make your labels even more attractive and help you create a strong brand identity.

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This article is written by Mark, he is associated with Mercury Labels Ltd. Mercury labels Ltd have been manufacturing and producing high quality label and tape products for over 30 years. They take a fresh and friendly approach with their customers and with all new enquiries that they receive. Their approach is to give you the service you need in a very friendly and helpful way, and to look for the most economical way in which to achieve this. Their product range includes, A4 Laser / Inkjet Labels, Roll-Fed Thermal direct and thermal transfer Labels and ribbons, Sprocket-Fed Computer Labels, Integrated labels, custom printed bespoke labels, printed parcel tape, PPI labels, and barcode labels.

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