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Posted by adairsawyer on December 5th, 2013

When placed in front of the decision of buying a new countertop or choosing the materials from which it can be made from, homeowners are put into a dilemma. Nowadays, variety has increased and it can be hard to stay updated with what is new and what is truly an investment. What is certain is that the quartz countertop is here to stay and it might be a relatively new concept, but people are starting to learn more and more about its features and strong points. There are a lot of discussions on the granite quartz topic, as everyone wants to know which one should they choose and why.
Because a quartz countertop is manufactured, it means you have a lot more colors and designs at your disposal, allowing you the possibility to personalize a space as you desire. Once the final product is finished, it looks highly elegant, luxurious and stylish. You will not get the same result and depth with any other material. It seems that in the granite quartz battle here, quartz is the winner. Even when it comes to strength and durability quarts presents the same top notch quality and even better, as once the surface is installed; it is less prone to cracks or chipping. Some people might not be very fond of it because it isn’t as hard as the usual stone, but there are other important aspects to consider.

You can consider having a quartz countertop in any room inside the house, including bathroom or kitchen. There is no need to worry about humidity or liquids’ being spilled on the countertop, as the surface is non-porous and it is highly resistant to stains and water. For the safety or your family and for the cleaning aspect, just know that a non-porous surface also implies no bacteria. You can prepare meals straight on the countertop and not worry about viruses and such. Those who have always chosen granite and any other solid surfaces should be aware of this concept as well.
When it comes to the bad points of the quartz countertop, there are actually few or even no cons. Perhaps price might make some people reconsider their judgment, but when you think that you can get a countertop for a lifetime, it doesn’t sound so bad. Instead of having to change the countertop after a while because it has lost its initial glare, you can be sure quarts will always be there and will always bring some soul into your house. And since many homeowners are looking for contemporary designs and modern concepts, they can seriously embrace quartz. The overall design of granite quartz choice depends only on the personal preferences of each individual and on what style is desired to be adopted.

Without question, there are a lot of elements to be considered and this is why it is always best to stay informed about the latest trends and what can be done to improve the functionality and design of your house. Not to mention there are always well known providers who can offer the best solutions and ideas from which you can get inspired.

If you want to adopt a new quartz countertop in your home, then look at these stunning ideas and hues. In the end, it is up to you to choose between granite quartz.

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