Choose right color contact lens as per the skin tone to look gorgeous

Posted by lisa1988ann on December 6th, 2013

After the emergence of the colored contact lenses, their use is not anymore restricted for the prescription purpose. These days many people wear them as a new fashion statement. Especially, youngsters are very fascinated towards their captivating colors and designs. One can get entirely a new look by changing the eye color dramatically. Since, they are meant only for cosmetic use and not the visual correction, you can buy them without any prescription.

They are clinically verified and safe for daily use. In various vibrant colors, they are available in the market ranging from brown, blue, gray, turquoise, hazel to sapphire. They are easy to wear and can add a touch of charisma to your personality. Before buying them, one should be fully aware about their various types to decide which one is the best for you. Generally, they fall into two categories- the soft and hard ones. While soft lenses are perfect for the first timers as they are comfortable to put on, then on the other side, hard ones are more durable competitively.

While choosing the color, one should consider the hair color and skin tone. Among the various colored contacts for dark eyes, opaque ones are perfect as they are non-transparent and can totally change the eye color. If you have light colored eyes, then go for enhancement tints which are a bit darker than the visibility tone. They will give you an intense shade. Then, there are lenses with light blue and green tints that are quite pale and will not affect the color of your eyes.

Many people are inspired from the green color of the famous celebrities and they whim for the same. The huge demand for green contacts led to the creation of their various types namely fresh tone, jade and gemstone. Wearing this color reflects a lively personality full of passion and freshness. While gemstone can give your eyes a complete green color, then on the other side jade is more opaque and perfect for dark colored eyes.

In case, blue is your dream color then, various options are available in it also. blue contact lenses on brown eyes can bring a dynamic effect. From fresh tone qua, blue, Caribbean and sapphire, you can choose anyone as per your needs and eye color. While aqua can give change your eyes color from gold, sea green to tea blue, then Caribbean can give the brand new look with a pure indigo brightness. You can make use of the online service providers to get the desired color lens at the cheaper rates.

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