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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on December 6th, 2013

John Wayne, or Marion Mitchell Morison, as he was born, remains one of the most influential figures of the American cinematography. His roles in western movies have portrayed the most representative values of the country of cowboys and the Wild West. Children from all over the world were watching breathlessly the adventures of these brave heroes that were brought to life by John Wayne. And for those that have found a role model in these brave characters, watching a John Wayne DVD nowadays can be just as exciting as it was years ago. There is no doubt that he will remain a classic in the world of the western movies.

One of the most interesting characters in the history of cinematography is John Wayne. This classic cowboy has inspired millions of children and adults and gave them the right to see the hero that lies within themselves. He played, directed and produced many western movies that made him an Academy Award winner. He was and still is the symbol of the American values and ideals. Together with John Ford, he is one of the most famous names in the industry of western movies. And it is even more impressive to know that these two big figures of the western films have worked together to create real masterpieces. Stagecoach is one of the most well-known John Wayne DVD and this is an example of what results from the work of two genius film figures.

Even though John Wayne primarily played in western movies, which are the most representative films for the American culture,this great actor has also starred in some war movies. After all, a big part of his filming career flourished during a time when the United States were in war and this became a matter of high importance. Actually, the first Academy Award won by this impressive actor was after a movie in which John Wayne played the role of a US Marshall. This war DVD is called True Gift and it was released in 1969.

Nowadays, re-watching a John Wayne DVD can bring back all those memories of an adventurous world, especially if you have watched these movies when you were a child. During his 50 years of career, John Wayne has brought to life no less than 175 different characters, each of them inspiring and teaching a unique life lesson. Unfortunately, we do not see enough John Wayne movies on TV nowadays, even though it has been a real inspiring character in the world of cinematography. However, you can find almost any western or war DVD with John Wayne and you can start a collection that can be shared with your loved ones whenever you want to turn back time and travel to the world of the Wild West heroes.

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