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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on December 6th, 2013

Westerns and war movies give people the chance to see the world through the eyes of a hero. These iconic genres have been revolutionized by great actors, like Audie Murphy. All those who have watched his movies as children are probably nostalgic about his adventures, but it is less likely to see his movies on TV nowadays. The only option would be to search for the Audie Murphy DVD or the war DVD that you want to see again in specialized stores.

There are two genres of movies that have brought adventure in the eyes of the public in a different way: westerns and war movies. Both of these types of films are defining for the American cinematography and their stories are meant to portray the heroes that lie among us. Every person can be a hero, but it takes will and perseverance to achieve this status. For a cowboy, it is his journey that turns him into a hero. He must embrace change, fight with his own beliefs and pursue the path that is going to take him closer to his goals towards a better world. For a solider, it is his devotion that places him among the heroes of the world. He is fighting for a better cause and gives up to everything that might have seemed important to protect the ones that he loves the most.

When it comes to western movies, there are some names that will always resonate more than the others. Audie Murphy, John Wayne, John Ford are just a few of the popular figures that are associated with the heroes of the Wild West. People like Audie Murphy remain an inspiration for the others even when they are no longer around. Even though he was a solider in real life, it was also his acting career that turned him again into a hero. He played in more than 40 movies after his service in the Second World War and nowadays, an Audie Murphy DVD is considered to be a valuable piece of any movie collection.

The unfortunate truth is that there are fewer chances to see a good classical movie on TV nowadays. Even Audie Murphy or John Wayne movies are no longer broadcasted on the film channels. We risk raising our children without sharing the adventurous and inspiring movies of the 20th century. And these are a great part of our identity because they reflect the reality as it was during those times. Luckily, anyone who wants to share a good Audie Murphy DVD or war DVD collection with the generations to come can look for the movies that have fallen into the public domain. As long as the copyrights of these movies have expired, they can be re-published and therefore purchased at a much more affordable price. 

DVD Film Classics provides a wide selection of classical movies, from which you can chose any war DVD or Audie Murphy DVD that you may like. Contact the team in case you don’t find a specific DVD in their catalogue and they are going to search it for you!

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