The Importance of the Student-Teacher Ratio for Students

Posted by Mohit Verma on September 16th, 2020

There are a lot of different factors that can impact the overall quality of your child’s education, but the student-teacher ratio is an important factor that a lot of parents overlook. The quality of your child’s early education has a huge impact on their future, but some schools just don’t have the money necessary to give each and every child the high quality education that they need and deserve, especially schools with classrooms that are too full and budgets that are too small. During this guide, we define the importance of the student-teacher ratio and ways to offset the damage of an over-crowded classroom.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

The student-teacher ratio refers to the relationship between the number of students enrolled in a school and the number of full-time teachers employed by the school. For example, a school with a 15 to 1 student-teacher ratio has 15 times as many students as full-time teachers. 

The student-teacher ratio is an important factor for a number of different reasons. The ratio can be used as a tool to measure teacher workload and the proper allocation of resources, especially for public schools. But it can also indicate the amount of individual attention that any single student is likely to receive, while keeping in mind that not all class sizes will be exactly the same.

The student-teacher ratio at any particular school or school district, whether your child attends an international school or public school, is often used to judge the quality of the education. But you should keep in mind that the ideal or best student-teacher ratio will vary, depending on a few different factors. First, you must consider the age of the students, as well as their academic needs. Younger students, especially those with learning challenges, will need more time and individual attention from teachers, so the ideal student-teacher ratio for these children should be lower than the ratio for older students. You should also factor in the skills, experience and efficacy of specific teachers, since not all teachers have the same skill level. A more experienced and highly skilled teacher will likely be able to handle a larger class better than a less experienced teacher.

How to supplement a child’s education at home

If you are concerned about the student-teacher ratio at your child’s school, there are a few ways to offset this by supplementing your child’s education at home. It’s not as complex or time consuming as you might think. There are a few ways that you can supplement your child’s education at home. For example, create a schedule for school nights that gives your child time to unwind after school while still having time to complete their homework before bedtime. 

Make sure that your child has a healthy environment for completing their homework with no distractions, and don’t hover while they are doing their homework. Just be available to provide help if they ask you and check over the assignment when they are finished. Encourage your child to learn and explore new things outside of their classroom, including reading and taking educational trips.


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