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Strange fish from the deep

Posted by LauraDerbyshire on September 16th, 2020

Here's an interesting fact: the seahorse, that strange little fish with the head of a seahorse, can seemingly see forward and backward at the same time. There is also the whirlwind beetle, which we see on the surface of the calm water, this creature is equipped to look up and down at the same time. Their eyes are divided so that the upper part sees the surface of the water and the lower part sees below the surface. There is a black layer of pigment between the two parts so that light from one does not affect the other.

There is a strange fish, Anableps, called a four-eyed fish, which has divided eyes like a beetle. You can look for insects on the surface and. at the same time, with the lower part of the eye it sees what is underneath in the water. Fish that live at the bottom of the ocean, and some that live in the lowest water levels above the bottom, have 110 reasons to look up anywhere. Their food comes down to them and their eyes are designed to look up. Those fish known as flatfish are born with their eyes in "what we would consider a normal position, but as they age, the eyes slowly migrate until they are both to one side. The fish then swims with this side as the top of the Los Flatworms of at least one family have eyes all over their bodies. These eyes apparently do not distinguish objects, but allow the worm to respond to light. In fact, most worms have light-sensitive bodies, even though they they have no distinct eyes, indeed the whole body is one large ธรรมชาติสุดแปลก.

For an eye to function, light must be reflected from some object into the eye. In the depths of the sea, where sunlight cannot penetrate, there is no natural light, so deep-sea fish must provide their own light if they want to see. Some carry amounts of bacteria, or tiny luminous plants, that provide the light. Some carry other luminous animals, such as sea anemones. Some have their own headlights. There are some animals that one would expect to have eyes, but do not see at all. There is the blind fish found in the waters of Mammoth Cave, the witch fish, or slime eel, of many oceans. These blind animals find their food and their mate through other senses.

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