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What are the classifications of strapping machines

Posted by sere22 on September 16th, 2020

1. Classified by strapping materials

①Plastic strapping machine: It is a strapping machine for medium and small weight boxes. The plastic belts used are mainly polypropylene belts, but also nylon belts and polyester belts.

②Steel strap strapping machine: It uses steel straps as strapping materials. Because of the high strength of steel straps, it is mainly used for heavy and large packaging boxes.


2. Classification by joint method

① Welding type strapping machine: Because plastic belts are easy to heat and melt, they are mostly suitable for plastic belt joints. According to different heating methods, it is divided into electric welding, ultrasonic welding, high frequency welding, pulse welding and so on.

② Buckle type strapping machine: It uses a special type of buckle joint, which clamps the joint of the strapping belt firmly, and is mostly used for steel belts.


3. Classification according to structural characteristics

①Basic strapping machine: It is a strapping machine suitable for various industries, and its table height is suitable for standing operation. It is mostly used for bundling of small and medium packages, such as cartons, calcium plastic boxes, books, etc.

②Side-mounted strapping machine: The joint part of the strapping is carried out on the side of the package, and the table top is lower. It is suitable for bundling of large or polluting packages. If anti-rust treatment is added, aquatic products and pickled products can be bundled; if dust prevention measures are added, packages with more dust can be bundled.

③Pressure strapping machine: For soft and elastic products such as leather, paper products, knitted cotton fabrics, etc., in order to make the strapping tight, it must be compressed and then strapped. There are two types of pressurization: pneumatic and hydraulic.

④ Opening and closing track strapping machine: Its belt track frame can be opened and closed in the horizontal or vertical direction, which is convenient for putting in various cylindrical or annular packages, and finally the track is closed and strapped.

⑤Horizontal track strapping machine: its belt track is arranged horizontally, and the packaged parts are tied in the horizontal direction. It is suitable for horizontal bundling of packages such as pallets.

⑥Hand-held strapping machine: Generally placed on the top surface of the package, when the strap surrounds the package, use this machine to tighten the strap and lock it. It is manually operated, flexible and light.


Fourth, according to the degree of automation

①Manual strapping machine: Rely on manual operation to achieve strapping and locking, and use plastic straps for strapping. It has a simple structure and light weight, and is suitable for bundling packages with large volume or small batches.

②Semi-automatic strapping machine: use the conveying device to send the package to the strapping station, then manually wrap the tape around the package, and finally tighten the tape. It has a low work surface and is very suitable for bundling large packages.

③The automatic strapping machine has a belt track frame above the workbench. When the package enters the strapping station, it will automatically carry out the processes of belt feeding, belt tightening, fixing and cutting. The belt track frame of this machine is fixed, and it is generally suitable for bundling packages with single size and large batch. When strapping, the movement and turning of the package must be done manually.

④Fully automatic strapping machine: This machine can automatically complete all scheduled strapping procedures without unmanned operation and assistance, including the movement and turning of packages, and is suitable for the strapping of large quantities of packages.

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