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How does the strapping machine work?

Posted by sere22 on September 16th, 2020

The automatic strapping machine is the final procedure for packaging. It is to strap the cartons with straps to prevent them from being scattered during the transportation. There are many advantages to using the automatic strapping machine. The automatic strapping machine has many advantages. The cartons are both beautiful and firm, and the speed is fast, which improves the workers. Packaging efficiency. At the same time, waste is reduced and costs are saved. Divided into plastic strapping machine, steel strapping machine, welding type strapping machine, etc. The editor below will briefly explain the working principle of the strapping machine.

Working principle of strapping machine

The packaged object is basically in the middle of the strapping machine. First, the right top body rises, and the front end of the belt is compressed, and the belt is tightened to the object. Then the left top body rises, pressing the appropriate position of the lower belt, and the heating sheet extends into the middle of the two belts. , The middle top knife rises, cuts off the strap, and finally sends the next strapping into place, completing a work cycle.

Working process of strapping machine

The strap of the strapping machine is sent to the place → the strapping signal is received → the brake is released, the main motor is started (1) → the right top knife rises, and the right belt is held at the sliding plate (2) → "T" guide plate retreats (3) → proximity switch Induction of the unwinding probe (4) → the main motor stops and the brake is engaged (5) → the strapping machine unwinding motor rotates and unwinds the strap for 0.35 seconds (6) → the strap is tightened and tied to the object (7) → the main motor 2 The second start, the brake pulls in (8) → the big swing rod pulls the strap twice, tightens the strap (9) → the left top body rises, and the lower strap (10) is pressed down → the heating plate extends into the middle of the two straps (11) → middle The top knife rises and cuts the belt (12) → the middle top knife goes down (13) → the middle top knife rises again to make the two belts firmly bonded (14) → the middle top knife goes down, the left and right top knives drop simultaneously (15) → heating plate Reset (16) → slide back (17) → "T" guide plate reset (18) → the proximity switch senses the tape feeding probe (19) → the tape feeding motor starts to drive the tape feeding (20) → swing lever reset ( 21)→The belt is in place, and the head is placed on the "T" guide plate (22)→The proximity switch induces the double probe (23)→The main motor stops and the brake is engaged (24)→The automatic strapping machine completes a working cycle.

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