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Consumer awareness of fireproof waterproof safe must rise

Posted by sere22 on September 16th, 2020

Due to frequent fires and serious losses, fire-resistant safes have begun to enter the public eye, so how should we choose products with strong safety?

On the one hand, consumers of domestic safes and cabinets have their consumption awareness still in the concept of anti-theft. On the other hand, they have insufficient understanding of the use value of safes and cabinets. They always think that the product is for the purpose of storing money. Most people think that only money is needed. It is necessary to buy a safe and cabinet, so few people are interested in fire protection and waterproofing before. In addition, the manufacturer’s insufficient publicity and inconsistent standards have resulted in manufacturers seldom producing this product, and people’s awareness of fire protection is not strong enough.

Traditional conventional safe cabinets are mainly anti-theft due to standard reasons, so they focus on anti-destructive, anti-drilling, and impact-resistant technologies. Therefore, steel plates are used as the main material, while fire-resistant safe cabinets are mainly based on fire protection. Indicators, the materials used are mainly fire-resistant materials, such as foamed cement, heat-insulating and heat-resistant materials. The structure of conventional safe cabinets only considers that there is no direct passage, so that money and other materials can be stolen through the door gap channel. The intrusion of flames, and the channel design process of the fire-resistant safe cabinet must have fire isolation. The flame cannot directly enter the box. Even at a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees outside, the temperature inside the box can be maintained at about 100 degrees in a relative time. Protect the data and property in the box.

As a product that has been re-examined by people, the safe is not familiar to consumers. How to choose and identify the product?

Selection and identification of fireproof waterproof safe: Fire safety safes pay attention to the fire protection function, in accordance with the international UL fire protection standards; the external temperature of the fireproof cabinet for storing paper items is 927℃ and continues to burn for more than 1 hour, and the temperature inside the box must be ≤177℃ (paper burning point) ; The fireproof standard of the fireproof cabinet for storing the disk media is: external 927℃ continuous burning for more than 1 hour, and the temperature inside the box must be ≤52℃ (the ignition point of the external disk medium).

Fireproof waterproof safes are suitable for storing paper confidential documents, cash, CDs, disks and other items. The function of the fireproof safe mainly focuses on fire protection. Usually the box and door panels are filled with fireproof materials to prevent heat transfer, so the fireproof performance is superior.

Generally when purchasing such products

①A valid test report and related certificates must be checked

②Open the cabinet door to view the fire isolation channel

③Check the manufacturer’s qualification materials, do not use ordinary concrete safe deposit boxes as fireproof safe cabinets, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable

④ Consult the manufacturer or related experts directly when necessary.

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