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Features of silicone rubber products

Posted by aiyunyingjj on September 16th, 2020

Silicone rubber products are based on

Methyl vinyl silicone rubber, including a variety of fillers (reinforcing agent, heat

resistant broker, modifier, etc.) through blending, lean pass, filtration, adding

sulfur, molding, extrusion, bonding, and other manufacturing processes. Silicone

rubber products require rubber and silicone as the key raw materials to produce

all kinds of silicone rubber products. Silicone rubber goods are closely

linked to people's lifestyle. Remote controller, computer keyboard, POS machine, scanner,

mobile phone, digital dictionary, mobile phone cover, etc are related

to silicone rubber goods.  

(1) High and low-temperature immunity: it

Can be used for years in 200℃ and still has elasticity at -60℃;

(2) Electrical insulating performance:

Silicone rubber has excellent dielectric performance, particularly the dielectric

performance at high temperature is much higher than the typical organic rubber,

the dielectric strength within the scope of 20-200℃ is almost not influenced by temperature.  

(3) Excellent weather resistance, ozone

 It is

usually believed that silicone rubber can be used outdoors for more than 20


permanent deformation.  

(5) Good processing performance, easy

Molding, and additional benefits can be via hot air extrusion vulcanization

molding, molding, molding, and other procedures to make many different products.  

Due to its excellent comprehensive

Performance and great technical and financial effect, silicone rubber products

have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, electrical

appliances, electronics, instrumentation, automobile, machinery, metallurgy,

chemical industry, medical and health, daily life in a variety of fields. Silicone rubber

goods belong to biocompatible materials, therefore qualified silicone rubber

products may perform artificial organs, so users may wonder industry and the physical

therapy industry.  

Silicone keyboard is manufactured from imported

High-grade medical silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless, benign, green,

and environmental security. The silicone keyboard can be curled at will, easy

to transport, very saving space, and the burden is less than 330 g, little quantity. The silicone keyboard includes great resilience, silent percussion silent,

soft and comfortable touch, feel friendly.  

Watertight, dust-proof, oil-proof, acid-proof, and can be utilised in any harsh

environment, and may be disinfected and cleaned in water. The particular design

and manufacturing process of the silicone keyboard gets the internal structure of

the keyboard simple, using specially developed high-strength ion glue, without any metal gongs, reliable and secure functionality. Silicone

keyboard color diversity, distinctive personality, exceptional surface treatment, so

the vital text never drops off, don't fade. Silicone rubber keypad life up

to 10 million times, USB and PS/2 interface conversion, absolutely satisfy your

usage requirements.  

Silicone keyboard, based on people's

Popular title also divided into two types:

1. Silicone rubber keyboards (largely for

Big and popular items, such as computer keyboard and laptop keyboard)

2. silicone rubber switches (mainly for

Little and popular items, such as cellular phone buttons and remote control


The silicone rubber switches would be your main

Merchandise of silicone products. The important technology of remote management is

complex and hard to create. silicone button pads are mainly used in TV,

air conditioning, VCD, DVD, and other home appliances and related digital industries.  

1. Silicone computer has environmental

Protection, non-toxic and tasteless, and decent elasticity;


Resistance, no deformation, and other features, can be utilized for a long


3. Smooth Look, powerful hand feeling,

Is a genuine green ecological protection merchandise;

4. Can be monochrome, color, tricolor and

Mixed with different colours;

5. The LOGO on the silicone keyboard can be

The silicone keyboard is an attachment to

electronic products. Initially, its main function was to protect the surface

From scratches and dirt. The silicone material is more transparent, soft, and

elastic. It is completely fitted to the machine and will not affect the

Operation of the machine.  

Layout of the mould, so the producer will fully consider the operability, to

Ensure that the silicone keyboard to the machine does not need a rubber cap.

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