Top three questions about tattoo removal in UAE - Abu Dhabi

Posted by AxelPrice on December 9th, 2013

Numerous people with tattoos had them for the wrong reasons and now they want to remove them. Our desires change with age and it comes as no surprise that many people are eager to remove the tattoos they have.
The skills and talent of some of these tattoo artists are undisputable, and thanks to the technological development in the field, adults of all ages have the possibility to have their favorite images and symbols printed on their skin forever in safe and sterile conditions. However, this art is not recent and there are many individuals out there who are not satisfied with the quality of their tattoos and who only have one solution- to have them removed. There are many reasons why people choose to remove their tattoos; some want to get rid of the ugly work of an unprofessionalothers want to erase a memory and others are no longer thrilled with the idea of having a tattoo.

Regardless of the reasons why you want to remove a tattoo, it is always better to be informed about the removal process. In this article we will offer you information regarding the most frequent three questions people have regarding tattoo removal in UAE – Abu Dhabi. 

Can I find a trustworthy specialist for tattoo removal in the United Arab Emirates?
The health care system in the United Arab Emirates is highly developed thanks to the Government’s effort, which has invested a serious part of the country’s oil revenue in the medical sector. In addition to that, the doctors from this part of the world are famous for their skills and their high level of qualification. Furthermore, specialists from all corners of the world come here to practice medicine, not only because they have access to modern equipment, but also because the UAE has become the “IT” destination for medical tourism.

Is tattoo laser removal a dangerous procedure?
According to specialists, the laser used in tattoo removal procedures is non-ionizing, meaning those who undergo the treatment are not exposed to the risk of skin cancer or other conditions that may affect the epidermis. However, you must understand that it is essential to hire a specialist who knows what he is doing and one who will provide you with all the necessary safety equipment (goggles, pain-numbing creams). The doctor should apply the laser on your skin only after a rigorous medical search, to make sure your skin does not present any form of sensitivity. If the procedure is done correctly by a dermatologist with relevant experience in the field, you should not encounter any problems.

How will the procedure affect my skin?
If the removal of the tattoo is done by a specialist with the right training and qualifications, your skin should not be damaged in any way. After the ink has been removed and the skin has completely healed, there will be no remaining scar. In between sessions, which are usually scheduled with a 4 week break in-between, the doctor will suggest using some creams and ointments that will reduce any sort of swelling or redness that might appear.  

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