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Posted by AxelPrice on December 9th, 2013

Even though Botox is a prescription medicine which should only be administrated by a specialist, in this article we will strive to offer you examples as to where this substance has proven to be most efficient. However, you will not manage to determine by yourself where Botox should be injected, so if you want to make sure that you experience the full benefits of this treatment you will have to consult an expert. Our goal is to offer basic information for people who are considering getting Botox treatment in Abu Dhabi so that they know what they can expect from the actual consultation.  No matter what medical  procedure you are interested in, our advice is that you always seek the help of a specialist in this field.

Botox treatments are very popular these days for they enable people change the way they look and modify certain parts of their body they are not satisfied with. Even though Botox has been in the field of aesthetic medicine for more than a decade, there are people who still feel reluctant when it comes to using it because they fear it isn’t safe. This idea could not be further from the truth and we should start by mentioning that  Botox has been used in several other areas of medicine. The toxin has the ability to cure or reduce the effect of some severe conditions such as upper motor neuron syndrome, cervical dystonia, chronic migrane, strabismus, blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm.

When it comes to the cosmetic use of the substance, before getting to the part where we explain why Botox is recommended for facial wrinkles, we would like to give you another example. Believe or not, Botulinum toxin injections can solve one of the most embarrassing issues many people have to deal with: sweating. Until this substance has started to be used for this purpose people who suffered from severe primary auxiliary hyperhidrosis had no option of treatment because the cause of the condition is not known.

Moving on to the subject that interests most Botox users: that of facial lines smoothening, you should know that this substance will not make wrinkles disappear but it will make them fade.

You have to understand that, even though the substance is known to be very efficient for certain types of wrinkles it cannot actually make all lines disappear. However, in this paragraph we will explain some of the most popular areas where Botox has proven highly successful. We should start with the frown lines (also known as number 11 lines), situated between the eyebrows. This is the area where the substance has shown results immediately and is also an area where many people form wrinkles, along with the one around the eye.

To be more precise, doctors use Botox on their patients to remove the lines from the outside angle of each eye, which are unflatteringly known as “crow’s feet wrinkles”. In addition to that, the toxin is used to reduce smoker lines, meaning those wrinkles around the mouth which are usually more prominent for people who smoke, but the effect is more visible if the person who gets this treatment actually ditches the habit. There some lines and wrinkles which are harder, if not impossible to treat with Botox.  Smile lines(nasolabial lines), which start at the corner of the mouth to the nose and marionette lines, which start at the corner of the mouth and go downward to the chin are the perfect examples. Injecting Botox in the muscles that are responsible for creating these wrinkles can cause severe complications so it is best that you discuss the matter to identify the best form of treatment.

If you would like to have injections with Botox in UAE, we have a suggestion. Body Worx Aesthetic Clinic offers safe treatment with Botox in Abu Dhabi for patients suffering from a wide range of medical issues. Find out for yourself how easy it is to rejuvenate your face or get rid of other frustrating problems like sweating once and for all.

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