It Is Time To Convert Your Waste Into Solid Fuel

Posted by shreyavaidya on December 10th, 2013

                   Environment Is the burning issue now days because the pollution is increasing  day by day. Manufacturing process included some mechanical process and due to that various injurious chemical or sulfur release in the air and it cause pollution. Black coal, lignite and other sources spreading pollution. So to   overcome with this problem Briquetting plant manufacturer present an innovative technology to reduce the pollution.

                No can deny from the fact that industrial growth help to achieve high national growth but along with that pollution also increase. Due to pollution we cannot accomplish optimum goal. But Briquetting machine is a technology to convert your waste material into briquettes to produce solid fuels. In our regular life many tons of garbage either burnt or destroy inefficiently but briquette machine make it useful and briquettes are made which replace black coal , lignite and other fossil fuels.

                These briquettes are available cylindrical in shape but we can mold it as per our demand. Many years ago traditional fuel was used like black coal, diesel and many more but now the trend is changing everyone switched over towards the use of briquette plant as it is a sustainable source of energy and eco-friendly  product.

                Briquetting plant project is profitable also as briquette press machine gives maximum production of briquettes within a short time and farmers also earn revenue through sell out this waste. Along with that  briquettes are cost saving than another source of energy and does not pollute the air when it burns. So it is known as white coal. 

Feature of Briquetting plant

  1.          i.            Briquetting machine is the latest technology to convert waste into briquettes.
  2.        ii.            Briquettes replace all other sources of energy like black coal and diesel.
  3.       iii.            Burning efficiency of briquettes is high as compared to other source of energy.
  4.      iv.            Briquettes are flexible in use so it can be used in any industry like milk, food processing unit, leather industry and many more.
  5.        v.            Briquette machine gives maximum output where availability of raw material is higher.
  6.      vi.            And this is one time investment than one can earn wealth lifetime.

                There is an abundance of companies who are still using traditional sources of energy but now due to price increase in fossil fuel everyone start using briquette plant. And one main feature is that  Gov. also  offer special privileges like tax exemption, relief from excise duty, no need of licensing, these are  the main features which boost the more production of briquettes. 

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