Wall art with canvas prints: Some creative ideas

Posted by tedmark on December 10th, 2013

Following wallpapers, a new concept of home decoration has emerged in the market, which is wall art. Since Venetian plasters, murals and other artwork are way out of the affordability of most mediocre homeowners, these artworks have come to offer great alternatives at rock bottom prices. Canvas prints bring to the modern decorators a unique and chic decorative item that can give your rooms an immediate aesthetic spurt without incurring exorbitant expenses. Adorning the walls of your home with these art pieces is a choice for the creative who understand and value art. There are innumerable novel ideas of improving the appearance of your home and creating a desired ambience through these add-ons.

The first and most obvious idea commonly practiced with canvas prints is framing them up like wall mounted photographs. However, the frame you choose is sure to make all the difference to the article. It’s not just always an expensive framework that multiplies the aesthetic quotient of a print. Even a reprised or very simple, inexpensive framework can heighten the artistic beauty of the picture. Another great idea of a wall art is to stick it to the wall with colorful ribbons. Though normally wires are used instead, they look quite bland against a canvas print and in many cases, retract the aesthetics of the picture.

In its stead, ribbons bring out the dreamy, fabled look of the picture by complimenting the content with a lot of colors and the velvety texture. Ribbons go well, especially with paintings that have vibrancy in their themes. Another form of wall art possible with these prints is to make a collage by simply conjoining some random or interlinked pictures together. Though, it might look incongruent, pictures of different sizes put together in a photo frame will be a nice reminder of some quality or fun time you spent with your loved ones. Try different combinations of canvas prints to know if this is the right one.

Creating a hotchpotch with pictures is a trendy art form to adorn the walls of your house. Though it might be a bold style, but if you have the right sense of artistry, the onlookers will construe it as a brilliant piece of imagination. Create a series with the pictures of your choice in order to make a jumble of pictures that can be put up as centerpiece on one continuous length of wall. For instance, you can create a series with a collection of your favorite heroes and stick them ot the wall for your guests to see.

However, remember that a wall art is not the same for all settings. What looks good in an office atmosphere might look oddly out of place in a domestic environment. Hence, make your pick accordingly. The best way to pick the right article is to glance through many pictures or rummage your brain for ideas that can add a dash of creativity. Visit your nearest store today to buy your favorite canvas prints for the blank space on the wall.

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