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When your child has headaches talk to him or her and let them know you care. Extra attention and quiet time may be all that is needed to relieve the pain. If your child?s doctor has prescribed a specific treatment, begin treatment as soon as your child complains of the pain. Allow your child to rest quietly in a darkened room with a cold compress on his or her forehead. If your child?s headache is mild, encourage him or her to go on with normal activities. Do not allow your child to avoid chores unless his headache pain is moderate to severe. If rest does not relieve your child?s headache, try a non prescription medication.


Do not give your child non prescription medication more than two days in one week. If you feel your child needs to use pain medication more often, discuss his or her symptoms with your child?s doctor.

?use but do not exceed the recommended doses.

?carefully read and follow all labels on the medication bottle or box.

?do not give your child a medication if he or she has had an allergic reaction to it in the past.

?evaluate the symptoms if pains increases or lasts longer than 12 hours despite the use of home treatment.

?do not give aspirin if your child is younger than 20.




Your may be able to prevent headaches by changing your daily routine.

?eat regularly. Do not skip meals. Choose nutritious foods; do not fill up on salty or carbonated beverages.

?keep a regular sleep schedule. Set a bed time and time to wake up and stick to them even on weekends. Avoid oversleeping.

?physical therapy may help you strengthen your neck muscles, improve your posture and increase your mobility.

?exercise regularly. Walking cycling jogging and even dancing are great ways to relieve stress.

?practice a relaxation exercise once or twice a day for 10-20 minutes.

?try massage which can reduce muscle tension especially in your neck and shoulder muscles.

?practice good posture and body mechanics at home and at work.

?have frequent dental check ups and yearly eye examinations.

?avoid things that cause or trigger the pain.


To prevent your child?s headache, make sure your child gets enough rest.

?offer frequent nutritious snacks and beverages during the day.

?do not allow your child to skip meals.


It is also necessary to stress that you should prevent head injuries in other to prevent headaches.

?wear your seatbelt when you are in a motor vehicle.

?do not alcohol or other drugs before participating in sports or when operating equipment.

?wear helmet and other protective clothing when you are hiking, riding a motor bike, horse back or rock climbing.

?wear hard hat if you work in an industrial area.

?do not dive into shallow or unfamiliar water.

?prevent falls in your home by removing objects that might cause them.

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