Fuel for Thought: Biomass to Briquettes

Posted by Deepi on December 10th, 2013

                Biomass briquetting projects are gaining credit as a better solution than fossil fuels for reusing waste. In many developing countries, such as India and China biomass briquetting plant has been constantly growing demand. Biomass briquetting plant is the future fuel of our upcoming generation.

                 Today, biomass is become future fuel of our rising world. “Biomass to Briquette” is the project of thought and to earn money. Biomass briquette plant has grown demand due to ecological and economical factor. Using biomass briquette plant is the better solution than use traditional fuels. Using traditional fuels is very expensive and also pollutes the environment.

                 Biomass briquetting process is a simple method to turn biomass into useful briquettes. Raw materials having size above 25 mm must be crushed into crusher and then it goes to biomass briquette machine. Some raw materials having moisture so it has to pass through dryer. Then dried raw material is easily fed into biomass briquette press.

                       The total energy used by briquetting process is less than the energy used to make pellets.  The density of finished biomass briquettes is about twice than the density of the wood used in manufacturing it. These briquettes can be used in boilers as well as stoves.

                   Biomass briquetting machines have high capability to convert raw material into biomass briquettes. These raw materials including almond shells, jute waste, bagasse, coffee husk, tea husk, wood chips etc…  Biomass briquetting plant compresses wasted material and transfer into briquettes with binder less technology. Biomass briquetting process is the simple method to make high energetic briquettes.

Depending of the quality of raw materials some extra machines like crusher, dryer and hammer mill is needed. The project of biomass briquette is now become a need of every country because from this project every country’s growth is definitely possible.

How to protect environment with biomass briquettes?

                  Environment protection is the serious problem of every country. To overcome this problem biomass-to-briquette method is very useful. It is a plant to earn money with saving the environment. According to research and development biomass briquette plant is the best plant to earn money and saving the environment.

There are a number of biomass briquette manufacturers who can make best briquetting equipment with aim of saving environment. They are giving portable delivery to their customers and also giving quick response to customers query. 

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