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Tips to Organize Hassle Free Catering for Various Functions

Posted by Robert Peterson on December 11th, 2013

Like any business catering business is also prone to errors. It may seem as if caterers are performing some miracles. But they are not. The trade is like any other utility. Just as your electricity goes at times and your cell phone will have poor signals in certain areas or sometimes your supermarket goes short in your favorite food items.  

How Problems Arise?

Catering companies encounter problems when the proper steps are not followed. Even professional catering companies encounter problems during functions but they manage it somehow as they can handle things professionally and not show it outside. It is like the duck in the old saying where it looks smooth and graceful yet paddling frenetically underneath.

If some precautionary steps are taken it is easy to preempt many hapless situations that may crop up during catering.

Emergency contact numbers

In order to avert in any unforeseen exigency, after a caterer is hired and contracts signed give adequate contact numbers for the purpose of emergency contact in case something goes wrong unexpectedly. It may be the chef becoming unavailable or getting hurt in a traffic accident. The caterer has to contact the client immediately than not ending up frantically calling the phoning the bride, groom on phone when the service is on.

Arrange On-site Parking

A party at a private residence for some 40 or more guests and a band also coming can fill the parking spaces fast. So try to arrange the catering party and its team a separate parking space nearby, at least for smooth loading and unloading.

Provide on-site amenities

All caterers have to abide by health and safety laws such as having running water to wash hands and other things. The local caterers have to abide by similar laws and regulations. If the catering site is far away then the caterer must be updated about the availability of electricity, security, running water, shelter from pollutants, toilets and more. These problems can be dealt with easily if the caterer is notified beforehand.

Plan for Late Comers

In the final head count late comers create a problem unless the caterer is prepared for it. A phone call the day before with the caterer will be fine. The caterer should spare some extra food at no extra cost to the client. This can be later adjusted in the final costing. The amount will depend on the menu and the number of guests. There are many reasons for it; firstly extra numbers and secondly any accident that may happen. Accidents do happen and a catering company must have some Plan B in the background. If the numbers are right there will be no hiccups and you will have the extra food and right billing.

If you can follow these innocuous yet simple recommendations then outdoor catering services will go smoothly in any big bang catering function and it will not snowball into an embarrassment or potential disaster. The secret is keeping the caterer in the loop of things so that any changes can be communicated instantly no matter how small a deal you think it is.

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