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Posted by tedmark on December 12th, 2013

I was introduced to friv games recently and since then I've not been able to stay away from these games. I've always been an avid gamer but I love those arcade styled games instead of the mad rush and fight games that kids seem to play now.  For me online games should be relaxing and not making me jump up and down and have my adrenalin on a high all the time. This is why I prefer the concept of friv gaming so much. These games are made for those that play games for relaxation. And never for a moment think that the games are boring; they are certainly very much enjoyable.

Many gamers are not even aware of the friv gaming websites. These websites have a large collection of friv games that are ideal for people of all ages and all genders. Although these games are mostly targeted at kids even adults enjoy the large collection of games that are available on these gaming websites.

During my childhood days Pokemon, Contra and Mario were the three games that we were mad about. I still remember those game consoles that we would connect with the TV and play games that were stored in game cartridges. Today those gaming consoles can still be found with those people that fondly remember those games. But those consoles are now showpieces because no one plays games using them. The modern gaming consoles are much more advanced where one gets the feeling of playing real games. As far as the games are concerned they have been revived to some extent thanks to some avid game developers. And these games can be found in these friv websites. In fact I wasn't aware of these websites until someone told me about friv games and how much kids love them. I visited one such website and since then I've been hooked on to these websites.

For some gamers friv websites can be quite intimidating to look at. The design of these websites is minimalistic in nature. Some of them have hundreds of games listed on the homepage. The games are showcased in the form of small thumbnails. When one takes the mouse over a thumbnail they get to see the name of the game. To start a game one just needs to click on a thumbnail and the game starts loading.

When you are on friv games websites the other benefit you get is that you are not annoyed by those ads. There are some ads but they don’t interfere with the games. While a game loads you may see an ad for another game and you can click the ad for that game to open in a new window.

Friv games don’t need the best computers and they don’t take ages to load. You can access friv websites from anywhere and enjoy the games whenever you want. Once you enter the world of these games there is no coming back – you will be on to the games for hours every day.

Friv websites can be accessed from anywhere for you to play the titles. With those retro friv games you are bound to enjoy gaming like the old days.

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