Briquetting Plant Is A Best Project To Generate Revenue

Posted by shreyavaidya on December 15th, 2013

            After the independence industrial growth increase at rapid level along with that pollution also increase.  We are habituated to use traditional source of energy like gas, oil and other fossil fuels but we do not know that it affects environment a lot and human being also. So the Briquetting plant manufacturer come to contribute some share to protect the environment that is invented of  briquette plant.

            The project is called biomass Briquetting project as it is a simple process to convert agro waste, industrial waste and other residue into biomass briquettes. The biomass Briquetting is renewable project means once It is finished we can manufacture again. So it Is also known as a green project. Farmers can earn revenue through sell out of agricultural waste and we can produce energy at economical rate.

           Now a days petrol, diesel becomes more expensive so it is not  necessary that everyone can afford the price of that so briquetting  machine through we can make solid fuels which are mostly used to heat industrial boilers. And burning efficiency of briquettes is more than black coal. So briquettes are economical and easy to make it. Biomass briquettes are perfect substitutes of black coal and lignite. So we can also save some natural sources because demand rises everyday but sources are limited.

          In ancient time, wood was used to generate heat so trees cut down and pollution  increase. Still in some rural  area people are not aware about the use of briquettes so they use wood  as their main source. That is why now Gov, also  offer some special privileges who want to install their own biomass briquetting plant. In some area of our country still electricity is not available so they now switch towards the use  of briquettes to generate heat.

               Briquetting plant project is significant for the rapid growth of the economy. The main role of this plant is to create a healthy environment with low cost. As it converts all divested material into solid fuel which is beneficial to us. Waste material contains a low caloric value so we can not mobile it from one place to another place but the briquette press machine through we can make briquettes and it converts it into a high caloric value that is solid fuel and briquettes does not pollutes the environment when it blazes, so this is the best alternative.

  So Briquetting machine avoid misuse of agriculture waste and helps farmers to earn revenue from it.

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